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These eyes have seen so much sadness in their short lives.

The blankets will give them comfort as well as warmth.


Reminders when sending parcels to South Africa:



1. Squares                                                                                       

-pack flat        

-tails neatly butterflied to squares

-bundle in lots of 5 or 10, if possible





2. Inside the parcel:

Fill in and include the packing slip 

Found here





3. Check the Postage discussion before mailing. 

Mark ‘No Commercial Value’ and ‘For Charity Only’ plainly on the outside.  

Duty is paid on parcels missing this information.

One of the main reasons for the low December numbers was the need to vacate the KASOffice.  If you missed Ronda’s report, please read it here.


[The Squares Lists pdf is available in the bottom left corner.]


Received in :  

OCTOBER                                      NOVEMBER                            DECEMBER

Tops:             575                                  185                                          158

Beanies:        793                                  456                                          353

Squares:   11,308                                9,255                                       6,652

           (323 blankets)                    (264 blankets)                    (192 blankets)

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Thank you Linda. Lovely and clear so so wonderful to see all the goodies. There are two more parcels of mine on the ocean blue. xx M

Oh thanks so much, Linda! The long awaited list :).

The November list is here !  I'm pleased the ratio of hats/blankets is coming down.  It is now only 2:1.

I have a question, why are about have of the names on the list blue, and the other ones white?

Hi Cherry, if you read the country names you will notice the colour changes with each country.  Thus, Australia is white, Canada[which is the second country listed] is blue and so on.  The UK is white and the USA is blue.  I thought it would be easier to see the country names that way :-)

Thanks Linda!

I am really happy today to see that the  first of our significant shipments of a total 595 squares were received in November. Just knowing that our work has arrived to be used for blankets is fantastic.  It helps keep the group motivated.

I agree Sonja .Knowing your parcels are arriving is a great motivation. I was starting to get concerned about some of mine...but there they are !

Keeping everyone up to date:   I've had a note from Gina in South Africa to say she is working on the December totals and will send them to me in a few days. 

Here are the numbers for 2013 [January to December]

Tops:         4,217

Beanies:   10,205

Squares: 156,520

      (4,472 blankets)

Thank you to everyone who knit/crochet/sent parcels to South Africa. The blankets/hats/tops are keeping cold children warm !

I have a feeling that they didn't get to open all of the parcels this month since they had to divide KAS four ways and all. Plus the blanket number is down. I am still amazed they found time to open 6,000 squares with all of the chaos!

Cherry, you are right !  They did an amazing job of uprooting and moving in such a short time.



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Postal costs for incoming parcels has risen alarmingly since mid-April
because of a new rule that ALL overseas parcels attract the customary
handling fee and that has been increased to R51.50 PER PARCEL[$3.74USD].
for July figures click :

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