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I am delighted  to host  again a KAS monthly theme.  There is something for everyone in this month's challenge,   so do  let your imagination run riot with a variety  of yarn, stitch, colour, pattern, texture, motif, and design  - not forgetting the need for plenty of Plain Jane squares. The choice is yours! 

Be inspired by the wonderful examples below that KAS members have already contributed this year towards making  squares, blankets, beanies. hand-warmers and toys  for the children.

And if you need something to get your feet tapping and your needles clicking, take a look at this You Tube video from the musical  "Anything Goes" - and sing along too!    


You will be helping  to bring colour, cheerfulness  and warmth

into the children's lives. 



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My first contribution to this month's theme.

Wow, Susan, you certainly got this theme off to a great start! Wonderful intro and four beautiful squares to get the ball rolling.

I really love that square on the right.  I assume that's self-patterning yarn...which I can never find in our shops (sigh).

Great intro Susan. Your squares are perfect for this theme. :) I will have fun with this hopefully.

LOVE your intro, Susan....certainly something for everyone. No prizes for what kind of squares/yarn you will see from me......if only I could knit faster.....lol.

Like Anne, I love that right hand square (the most). It has also reminded me that I have some self patterning yarn hidden away somewhere. We don't get a lot of that over here, either.....except in  more expensive yarns.

Your crocheted square is just sooooo pretty.....very uplifting and will certainly shine in a blanket.  :))

Susan, this will be a fun theme.  Thank you !

Our hooks and needles will be dancing as we sing along to this lively tune :-)

Thank you, all for such encouraging comments to my hosting this month's theme.  Until I joined KAS I was unaware of  variegated/self-patterning wool, and of knitting diagonal squares - now these are among my favourites.  My nearest shop selling the wool has closed down, and it really means i have to wait until I get to Edinburgh to  find any.  I tend to buy what I can whenever I see it and love the range of colours.    I think I have a low attentions span, as I soon get fed up knitting in just one colour, whereas with variegated  wool you are never quite sure how the pattern is going to emerge.  I recommend it!    

Totally agree, Susan. Knitting with variegated keeps you interested because its always a surprise.  :))

I have also recently discovered how it can knit up so differently from the 'usual' garter square and a diagonal. 

Such a great intro Susan,I will get my needles and hooks going to see what I can create. I love your diagonals my favourite square. The musical intro is just fab :))

Susan, thank you for the wonderful examples of the KAS member's creativity in your intro......love your first batch of squares especially the bright, cheerful granny.  :))

A great intro Susan that should inspire an interesting month!

This sounds like a great theme, where literally "anything goes". Sometimes I do not have the creativity ( or skill) to think of what I can do for the monthly theme, so this should be easy.

Indeed, same here. Let's try it, Cath. 



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