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All children are fascinated by things that “GO” - so with this in mind, our theme for the February Challenge is TRANSPORTATION.


As always, our greatest need is for great piles of plain janes - so this challenge is for you plain jane knitters too.

What colour is transportation??

Well - think blues for sky and sea, greens and browns for earth and go wild with red and yellow for buses, every colour for cars and boats... and maybe some metallic accents to represent planes and spaceships. Remember that for every fancy square we get, we would like 34 plain ones to complete a blanket - so pile on the PJ’s for this challenge.




What is TRANSPORTATION?? It’s planes, trains, boats, buses, trucks and automobiles of course.

But there are many other ways of being in motion - wagons, bikes, scooters, hot-air balloons. roller skates, skis, sleds, horses and even sneakers (not as fast, but they do get you where you’re going!)


Does this sound difficult?? - It isn't really - think simple shapes, the way a child would draw them, because that's who we are making them for and they will identify with simple pictures.

Some slip-ins that go with this challenge, which might be appreciated in the creches could include transportation-theme stickers, picture books (purchased or homemade), toy cars, trucks etc if you can find them in a thrift shop


Please post photos of your creations here in this discussion as well as in the Photo section so that we can all enjoy them!


A big thank you to Mary Lokken for setting up a flickr page for this challenge so we, and the whole world, can see what we accomplish this month.  Be sure to visit


And another thank you to Gitta Seyfert, who has opened an Album for the February Challenge at



OK - that’s it - Ready - Set - GO!!!


PS - just a little reminder to all our square-makers - please leave a 20" (50 cm) tail for sewing up and butterfly to make life easier for the SA team. Instructions for how to butterfly are on every square pattern in our Pattern Book

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When I said "simple pictures" above, I meant it - 'cause that's all I can do.  Here's my first attempt at a sailboat


The applique is Ecofelt - a washable felt made from recycled plastic bottles

Anne Powell crocheted this square, and I stitched on the Ecofelt hockey skate

TRANSPORTATION - Four-legged taxi!!

Square crocheted by Anne Powell; school bus stitched by Maddie, Mia, and Wendy -- three generations! 

I have had this square a while, it was knitted too small - to make it the right size I crocheted around the edge.  Today I added a car to go with the new theme.  It is cut out of felt and blanket stitched around in different coloured embroidery thread.

Little Red Wagon

A rocket bound for Africa, on a square crocheted by Anne Powell.

This is really addictive.....poor lighting here today but you get the drift, the road is knitted (smooth tarmac) and the rest is crochet.


Hey ecozee - saw you mentioned bikes above.  I had this one made ahead - can't wait to see your version!

Thank you Anne for this challenge.  I have finally completed these squares because of it.

Last spring I was given a box with a partially made blanket plus the remaining yarn to finish it.  I pulled the blanket apart and rolled the balls.  I started making the small diamond centres and in July finished one square for the August /Africa challenge.

Since family was arriving for August,  the box was put away in the yarn storage area and promptly forgotten.  In October while rooting through the stash,   I came across the box but we were into the Christmas challenge with its reds and greens.  Back into the corner for the box. In late January,while looking for yarn for the transportation challenge, I found the box again !!!  This time the squares are finished because, after all, the pattern is called 'Wheel Spoke'  :-)


The squares are a combination of 2 patterns : Wheel Spoke and Diamond in a Square.  These patterns are available in the KAS Pattern Book [see tab above]

The colours are orange, chocolate brown and cream.  The camera didn't get the colours right....again !!

I don't imagine the squares will stay together for a blanket but it was fun putting them down that way :-)

I am working on a blanket as a house-warming present for my sister Anne right now, and it's taking all my crochet time....

But I found a pack of stickers that are perfect for this challenge. Then I went to Burger King for lunch and got a kid's meal... and the toy was an orange helicopter! These will be slip-ins in my next package to South Africa.





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