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Unfortunately, Louise Tidman and I are unable to attend Heather's KAS UK Big Day Out on the 18th July, and decided that the next best thing  would be for us to meet up, for our own little 'Big Day Out'. I was so excited, that Louise was willing to to drive to visit me, and that Jude, a prolific crocheter and support to Louise in their amazing work for KAS in Wiltshire, would be joining us!

It has rained all day, but it didn't dampen the joy in our meeting at all! After a cuppa and chat at my home, and a soggy walk in the garden, we went to Cowbridge, a market town near my home, had lunch and another chat...... and found that we had so much in common, and I learned more anout the wonderful KAS work that Louise organizes in her village. It sounded to me that the yarn, squares and many other goodies for KAS, takes over her home inbetween the large shipments that she arranges!

It felt like a small world, when I realised that Jude's sister in Cardiff, had been one of my nursing colleagues for years!

Like true KASers, we had to check out the local charity shops, and bargains were found by both Louise and Jude. The yarn shop was closed, but it meant there were more pennies to spend at another 'bargain shop' we visited on the outskirts of another nearby town. Louise is able to send so many diiferent items for the children in her boxes (not through the royal mail, or courier as Ronda would have to pay charges). So lots of lovely items were purchased for the children to enjoy and I was able to buy a few goodies for their next shipment.

We then returned to my home for a cuppa and cakes, and another chat before my lesson from Louise and Jude on how to make a granny square and snowflake, and a mini lesson from me on a crocheted PJ!

The day went so quickly, but it was wonderful to spend time with KAS sisters who are kindred spirits!

We hope to meet again! 

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In the photo above, Louise and Jude gave me some yarn for a Go-Over.

A few photos of our day.......

Chris is explaining to Jude how she makes her gorgeous Go-Overs. Let me tell you, they look great in photos on the forum but in real life they are spectacular!

A lovely story.

A soggy strole in the garden.....

Chris's garden is immaculate, not a weed in sight and with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside but sadly it decided to rain most of the day!

Oops,  typo, that should be stroll......

I read fluent typonese, lol, so I got it. I love seeing the English countryside, so verdant, even with the rain.

I am happy to know another reader of typonese Jeanne!

I guess it's because of the rain we are fortunate enough to enjoy such lovely countryside, but after a soggy few weeks of summer, sunshine would have been nice! I didn't mention that Louise and Jude live in Wiltshire in England and journeyed across 'the bridge' to visit me in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales. In Canadian terms, it's not far at all, only about one and a half hours drive time.

Heather's KAS UK Big Day Out is on the 18th, in York, it will be lovely to see in discussions who meets up and what they get up to........ I'm sure they will have a lovely time!

Yes, I am eagerly anticipating seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of Heather's KAS UK Big Day too.  Your get together is like an appetizer for it.  

I understand how weeks of rain could be a downer.  I suppose the one consolation is all the lovely patterned wellies and brollies you guys have over there?  My kids kept pinching my umbrellas so I looked long and hard to find two patterned ones I thought they'd never dare touch and wouldn't you know it, they loved them.  Sometimes you just can't win, lol. (the patterns were all over puppies on one and kittens on the other)

I do admit 1 1/2 hours doesn't seem that far to us but we don't have the crowding here that you do.  Our highways are rather deserted by comparison so it's not so hard on us. I've been in big cities down east in Canada and it takes hours to get anywhere when the traffic is heavy so I imagine you folks contend with that too a lot?  I still want to visit Wales sometime.  Ooooh.  Bit of a drive from here though, lol.

A few photos of the goodies bought.......

I looked at everything and I am sure these goodies will thrill the day care providers and the children. I remember one distribution where the children had never even held a crayon and didn't know what to do with them.  How lucky we are to be able to provide these gifts to brighten their lives!  You gals scored with this lot, let me tell you...and I adore that blanket!



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