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Squares are made and  sent to KAS from all over the world. When they arrive, they must be sorted, packed into bundles of 35. Then they are given to the Gogo groups and KAS volunteers to be made into beautiful blankets. They are returned to the KAS workshop and finally travel in the KASmobile to be distributed to the children who need them.

This is why we are jingling our bells early in the year. We want our Christmas blankets to be ready in plenty of time for Christmas

Give free rein to your creative talents. You can make PJ’s, striped or appliqued squares.

Hang the decorations

Trim the tree!Father Christmas and his elves,

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer,

polar bears

and penguins, they can all come to the Christmas party. There’s room for everyone.

Make this Christmas the best yet for KAS’s 10th anniversary.

AND of course all toys are welcome to share the fun.

The PoM this month is the Alphabet crochet square.

Instructions and graphs can  be found in the KAS pattern book. 

Here is an "N" for NOEL to start you off.

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The third Santa! This is a lovely bright square. I love the holly appliqués.

Aha, the third triplet is here!!!!.......and he brought holly!!!

Lovely, lovely, square Chris......his Christmas 'decorations' really do add that something special.....LOVE it.  :))  xo

I love this, Chris.  What a treat for a child ... Santa and holly in a blanket :)  What a gorgeous red square ... xo

I just love these charming little Santa appliques.   Beautiful square to frame Santa.

Is that a brown santa?! That is a brown Santa! Wonderful Christine. 

Just for sheer pleasure, I'm posting this photo of a series of squares made several years ago by M T Cleasby.

The first time I saw this photo, I wondered how anyone had the patience to do all this fine work. Since then, I've seen a multitude of really beautiful squares and blankets and wait with delight to see what other fantastic squares, toys and bonnets etc. will be created just for our little children in need.

Oh yes, I remember Maria's work....she made some amazing squares/blankets. Thanks for the memory, Valerie.  :))

Adding for Jude Sullivan, three fabulous squares that the children will love.  :))

Christmas in April

Dashing through the snow. Cupid and Comet must be in Canada with all this snow!

Valerie, thank you for sharing Maria's beautiful work.  I had not seen these before, and I just had to go and look at her photos.  Well worth the 'trip'.   Amazing!  The children have certainly benefited from her incredible talent ... xo

I did go look at her photos and so glad I did. Truly amazing work. 

Wow!   Such intricate work.

Oh - that is just gorgeous!  Really lovely!



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

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 With Gratitude to our Gogos


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