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With special attention to fruit and veggies.

Just imagine all the fruit and vegetables in rainbow colours

The luscious red of ripe juicy tomatoes or sweet strawberries.

The orange tangerines and manderines and carrots

The yellow of lemons , bananas

The green of apples and pears and cucumbers

The pale blue of blue pumpkins ( yes, they really do exist )

The darkblue of blueberries

and finally the deep violet of grapes and figs and egg plant

Some people say that there really aren't any true blue fruit or vegetables, but the sky that watches over our gardens is blue .

Use the colour wheel, your imagination or whatever source you please to create a riot of colourful squares.


There are not so many patterns with fruit and vegetables outside the apple, orange and lemon slice appliqués. Here are a few ideas to provide inspiration.

Red apple square

            bunch of grapes                                  



Enjoy yourselves, be colourful and remember you have the rainbow, the fruit, and the veggies, but there also all the flowers that surround the vegetable plot to keep the insects away. In fact any colour is welcome as long as it’s brightand cheerful.

Please remember that you can help provide fruit and a nutritious snack for the children by visiting the KASstore.

Don’t forget the PJ’s !

and the pattern of the month which is the mitre square. The pattern can be found in the KAS Pattern Book on theSquare Circle Forum.

Please don't forget to post photos of your mouthwatering squares here, so that they can be added to the album for the month.



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Here are a couple more squares to start you off with a bang: mini pumpkin, strawberry and peas.

What a beautiful, colourful, inspiring introduction to another great theme, Valerie.......can't wait to get started!!  xo

Oops, forgot to say, LOVING your fruit and veg squares.....your strawberry is divine!! Cute pumpkin and peas.  :))

Great squares Valerie, your strawberry looks delicious!  :))

Valerie, your intro is delicious! and your squares are beautiful and inspiring!  This is going to be a fun month.  Just think of all the "food" that will be around us and there won't be a single calorie in any of it :)  Let's make a vegetable stew and a fruit salad for dessert ... xo

  Carrots and Corn

Love carrots and corn together.........such a pretty square, Glo.......the bottom half is mesmerizing...what a great pattern!!

Bev, this is simply the same stitch throughout - Tunisian Simple Stitch.  On the bottom half the colors were changed at the left edge (end of FPass) and on the top half, the colors were changed at the right edge (end of RPass).  It's amazing how the total look changes with that one simple trick :) xo

WOW! How neat to be able to produce an entirely different looking pattern so simply.

Does not look "simple stitch' to me, Gloria, very healthy though. Thanks.

Like Bev, I find this square fascinating..... love the colours and the pattern !

Amazing, Glo!  I agree with Bev - mesmerizing.  You make it sound so easy.

Anne, the problem is that it IS so easy and nobody will believe me ... hahaha xo



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