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This month the Square Heart Award goes to Rachel A. (USA)

Rachel is the extraordinary woman behind this beautiful purple heart.

Rachel has been an active member of KAS since 2009.

Rachel combined her alphabet and heart squares to make the South African flag. You can find her instructions for this amazing design here.

Rachel is a crochet artist! She also had the brilliant idea to secure the butterfly ends with a plastic needle. It is quicker than sewing and provides a needle with each square!

Rachel is not only dedicated to KAS. She is a military wife and mother of five beautiful children. Rachel doesn't want her children to simply learn by her example. She wants them to do their part so she has taught them to knit and crochet.

Here two of her boys proudly show off their first squares!

This is her seven year old daughter's first hat!

Finally, the August Pattern of the month is the KASCuddle. Rachel is a star at making them beautiful, thick and warm, and what a wonderful model?

Thank you so much Rachel for sharing your generous heart and hands with Knit-a-Square!

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CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this award, Rachel!!!!

Not only are you a wonderful example and inspiration for your children...but for all KASers as well.  :))

Rachel, a well deserved award !  You have been a strong supporter of KAS since the beginning.

If anyone would like to crochet the gorgeous purple heart, the pattern is available in the KAS Pattern book [see tab above]

Rachel it is wonderful to see you have recognition for your beautiful work and for wrapping your family in KAS too. Congratulations !.

Well done Rachel, have always loved the way you encouraged your boys to participate in KAS - especially modelling the hats!  May your house move and all the upheaval that goes with it run on well oiled rails!

Congratulations Rachel! 

Congratulations, Rachel!  Your work and dedication to KAS are truly admirable.

Congratulations, Rachel! I can't believe you can find the time for KAS with all those kidlettes running around. And good for you for getting them involved! You're a great role model. :o)

I don't think all of these kidlettes would still be running around if I weren't crocheting for KAS ;-)!

Thanks, Rachel, for all you do and for doing it with great style and beauty.  God bless you.

Congratulations Rachel.. a well deserved winner of the Square Heart Award.

Congratulations Rachel! Clearly, many children have been blessed and warmed by your skill and generosity. 

Congratulation Rachel!  So deserved - well done you.  Thank you for being so inspirational to so many xx



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