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Happy August, everyone!

This is the one month in the year when I can take some time to breathe and relax - and do LOADS of knitting and crocheting!

It also means I am able to host a theme and spend a bit more time on the forum.

The KAS pattern book has a good selection of knitted and crocheted squares with different patterns and textures, for a starter. The wider Internet is alive with a rich variety of choices, if, like me you have a little more time this month and want to try some thing new.

So this is the month to rake through your stash and find all those weird bits and bobs of eyelash, fuzzy and pom-pom yarns that you never know what to do with!

Of course, this will then create space to buy some lovely new yarns...

Hopefully, that's whetted your appetite and got your creative juices flowing!

Let's see how many people are brave enough to try out at least ONE new stitch or technique this month.

As you upload your photos onto the main site, I will add them to our photo album for the month, which you can view here:


Happy creating!

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I think that is the reason I have worked my way through all the hundreds of donated squares to get them to 8 inches square.  I know that they were made with love (not just to drive me mad) and it may be by a beginner or someone who cannot read a tape measure properly.  All this does not mean I don't mutter and grumble...... But for me at present the end s finally in sight - I think I have one carrier bag full left in the garage so I have been focussing on making some squares myself for now and will return to them at "Some Future Date".......

Good on you, Rebecca.......all that time and patience, surely deserves a 'break'.  :))

You are giving on both ends. Blessings upon you. ...and glad it's not me. 

Your poem is so funny but very true Anne. All my fluffy and eyelash yarn have been a 'gift' from Louise and Jude. !!! :))
Joan, we are so thoughtful, everytime we see fluffy, fuzzy, eyelash or other difficult to use yarn we think of you. We know you like a challenge and will do your best to create something beautiful for the children.......Can't wait to see your expression when you receive your Christmas yarn donation, I've excelled myself this time, it's a cracker!!!! You'll love it once you've stopped cursing me! Xx

I have just spent a delightful time catching up on all the terrific contributions this month.    So many beautiful yarns, and so many ways to use them ... hard to pick a favorite.

Inspired by Heather to try new patterns, I found this idea and had to try it ... looks difficult, but is easy to do, just rows of double crochet (triple in UK terms) with chain stitch picots added on the surface for the frills.


Hey - this is really intriguing! And lovely colours as well as a fascinating texture!

GORGEOUS, Sharon!!!!! Pretty colours and won't the children LOVE running their hands over your 'frilly bits'??!!!

Beautiful, unique square Sharon,  simply stunning.  :))

This is so interesting. Wonder how it would look as border around a full blanket? 

OOOOH!  What a great idea, Deborah .... I must make a mental note and try this idea on a blanket soon.    Now I just need to get the right blanket made ....

yeah, one ball of fluffy yarn used to make a crocheted beanie. Took a while but i got there in the end Louise :)



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