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Happy August, everyone!

This is the one month in the year when I can take some time to breathe and relax - and do LOADS of knitting and crocheting!

It also means I am able to host a theme and spend a bit more time on the forum.

The KAS pattern book has a good selection of knitted and crocheted squares with different patterns and textures, for a starter. The wider Internet is alive with a rich variety of choices, if, like me you have a little more time this month and want to try some thing new.

So this is the month to rake through your stash and find all those weird bits and bobs of eyelash, fuzzy and pom-pom yarns that you never know what to do with!

Of course, this will then create space to buy some lovely new yarns...

Hopefully, that's whetted your appetite and got your creative juices flowing!

Let's see how many people are brave enough to try out at least ONE new stitch or technique this month.

As you upload your photos onto the main site, I will add them to our photo album for the month, which you can view here:


Happy creating!

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Lovely square, and lovely texture for little fingers to explore!

Uuooo that's pretty. On my agenda. 

8 Mini Bean Stitch.

These are lovely, Marion and will really complement your gorgeous butterfly squares!

Marion, your work is always so incredibly tidy!  These are fabulous ... even though they're not blue :)

10 pink to 2 blue.  Guess the pinks are in the lead.  Bev and her team will be grinning, I'm sure ... hahaha ... xo

Oh YAY!!!! Let's hear it for the pinks and purples!!!!

Absolutely divine, Marion.......your butterflies are extra special in these colours.  :))

Your textured squares look lovely and warm in this pattern, too.  :))

Gorgeous colours and an interesting stitch (as well as those beautiful butterflies) - just found a nice clear tutorial on you tube, so must give it a try.

Such beautifully knitted squares Marion. The butterflies are fabulous. :)

Marion, I love those butterflies so much that I can hardly take my eyes off them, but when I finally do, then I see gorgeous complimentary squares.    I wonder if you ever sleep?   How do you work such perfect stitches so fast?   Truly amazing.     Now I must go search out the mini bean stitch.

Just tried this stitch for the first time.  It was easy and the square sooooo thick and warm.  Thanks for sharing.

Well done, Amy - I hope you'll post a picture of the result!

Variegated yarn and pale peach.



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