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What are your favourite things for our children?

Squares? Toys? Hats? Handwarmers?

Do you have a favourite -

Pattern? Stitch?


We'd love to see your favourite things !

One of my favourite patterns: 

 Wheel Spoke

**Apologies to Julie Andrews.  Here is her version from the Sound of Music:  “My Favourite Things”   


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A great idea, SUPERBLY executed, Amy....these will be a very special message for a few lucky children.

Loved receiving a donation:  A friend of my mother's called to say she and her sister had a few hats and some yarn for KAS.

The 'few' hats were actually a dozen and 'some' yarn turned out to be quite a bit more !  Thanks to Pat and Anne for their generous donation.

August 2018 - My Favourite Things

How generous, Linda!! Lovely hats and great colours in the yarn.

One of my favourite things is to take a two colour pattern and reverse the colours - often with surprisingly different results. (Unfortunately these aren't the best of examples because I used a marbled yarn for the light colour so that created its own differences, and I ran out of magenta on the granny square so had to finish it off in plum - but I'm sure you get the general idea!)

Wow!! Great variations, Patricia. LOVE the colour combos........similar, but very different....and very pretty.

Very striking squares Patricia. Each square is unique with just a flip of colour.  They will be fabulous in a blanket.

Marguerite has been knitting for Knit-a-Square for a number of years.  Her favourite thing is to knit strips that are equal to 7 squares. Now all I need to do is find/make 14 squares and we have another blanket ready to go!

Wow! Maruerite is a STAR!! LOVE this colour...can't wait to see what you match it with, Linda.  :))

Some wheel spoke squares would look nice....hint hint.....lol.

Marguerite is a lovely knitter...every stitch is neat.  At one time she did more intricate patterns but now loves straight knitting while she watches TV.

Wheel spoke you say?  I might be able to work on that. Teehee

I know it will be a challenge for you, Linda......hahahaha

August 2018 Theme - Favourite Things

Five chunky garter stitch squares in my favourite type of yarn...variegated.....and in my fave colours...pink, purple and those other colours...lol. The truer colours are at the back, the front squares got a little washed out by my camera. Thank you so much to our KAS sister, Chris Chiplen for gifting me this GORGEOUS yarn. xo

Excellent stand out squares.   Effect of fab wool is super ✔️



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