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Dear KASers...

I really do need to begin this post with a huge apology for the lack of comms over the past weeks.  As most of you know, Sandy and family arrived in SA on 19 March for a holiday/KAS on the ground investigation/family reunion etc.  From a family point of view, it was indescribably wonderful to have them here - we are a very close family, for which I am so grateful, but so terribly fractured by the geographical distances between us all on a day to day basis...  We had a very busy but wonderful time in the weeks that the McDonalds and Zanny (Sandy's mum) were here and we managed to achieve a lot as far as KAS is concerned.  Sandy kept a wonderful blog (www.allfororphans.com for those of you who have not yet seen it) of their time here too - very special and a great read for all involved in KAS.

On a personal note, for those of you who have been onto www.allfororphans.com, you may have read that we lost, very suddenly and unexpectedly, a very special family member just after our wonderful family reunion in Port Elizabeth (which was incredibly special and auspicious to begin with, but is even more so now in light of this terrible loss).  Our Pete Lovemore, father to 4 daughters and a son, grandfather to two grandchildren and another on the way, brother to Charmian Huggins, Zanny Blew (Sandy's mum) and Ronda Lowrie (my mum), uncle to 4 nieces and a nephew (on our side of the family), great uncle to 7 great neices and 2 great nephews and friend to so, so many, passed away very suddenly in the early hours of the morning on 26 April 2010.  The entire family is still, two weeks later, reeling.  Apart from a long, long list of wonderful attributes, Pete was a philanthropist in so many ways and we will take inspiration from that for our continuing work with KAS...

Now that life is returning to some form of normalcy, I will be updating you all on what's happening 'on the ground' much more regularly again.  Thank you for your understanding for the lack of information being provided over the past few weeks under the circumstances.

With love,

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Yes, it is a nice feeling, it is exciting because my knitting is in Africa...this must seem quite odd to the folk who live there, I don't suppose Johannesburg seems exotic when it is home.

As for helping the children...this project was just so inspired, God Bless Sandy, Ronda and their family. What a clever team.
Hi Mrs RCM, I get the same buzz. it is just wonderful to see our work get to where it should be. Unfortunatly i don't have internet access at home and with a new filter system on our work computers I am getting sort of into the forum but with no photos so for now I just have to read everyone elses oohs and ahhs about the pics.
I love seeing Erin's tweets. Thank you so much Dawne for doing this - I'll look forward to the Slovoville pictures now.
You're welcome!
Oh no, can you pick up e-mail with pictures at work - or does that also get filtered?

Is there any way you can check that your squares have arrived?
Oh Jeni! Does your local library system have computers for patrons to use for free? Hard for a knitter/crocheter to go without photos!
Yes, that would be the place to go, our tiny library has some, you just have to reserve a half hour time slot, it's free. I hope that helps!



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