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I was asked to do a Mission Sunday at Kidzone in our church. One of the activities we did to teach the kids about our blanket program was to have them design a blanket.

This segment ended with a reading of Arlene Guerin's wonderful poem found elsewhere in this Category.


One square for an elbow, one for an arm,

One for a shoulder, to help keep it warm.

One for a wrist and one for a knee,

One for a hip - just how hard can this be?

One for a bicep, I nearly forgot!

Where is that green yarn I know that I bought?

One for an ankle and one for a thigh,

One for a shin - a square blue as the sky!

Now one for a bottom to help keep it warm,

Whatever the weather with sunshine or storm,

With violet? Or yellow? as warm as the sun,

Then double these numbers - and two sides are done!

Next, one for the left chest, one for the right,

Two for the tummy with colours so bright.

One for each collarbone, one for each hand,

With love for a child in a far-away land.

Four more for the back and one for the neck,

Have I finished knitting? Just count them to check.

Thirty-five squares created with love,

And maybe an extra, - could I knit a dove?

If I can’t do a blanket, I can knit a square,

If I cover an elbow, there are others here,

We circle the planet and work one by one,

To send in our parcels - a blanket is done!!

With love to all at KAS

and the wonderful people who join up the squares

- Bless you, every one!

Arlene Guerin, Sept. 9, 2013

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Oh my goodness, Anne, what a great idea!  Having the children 'design' a blanket is a fun and fabulous hands-on way to help them realize that for some child, this will likely be his or her only personal possession.  

I love that you used beautiful Arlene's poem with this lesson, and the children actually acting out the poem with the squares is priceless!  Thank you very much for sharing this incredible idea with us.  xo

What a GREAT idea to get the children involved in designing a blanket, Anne.....who doesn't love a 'jigsaw puzzle'?......and including Arlene's beautiful poem was a stroke of genius.

Congrats...surely a big success......and fun/learning experience for all. Well done!!  xo

Sounds like a great way to help children think about the needs of other,  less fotunate children.. I love the design - a - blanket idea and the use of Andrea's ovely poem :)) Although I'm guessing a lot of work for you, seeing these children 'in action' must have been very rewarding. Kudos to you Anne,.



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