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Lief van je maar niet belangrijk hoor! Maar ok.........op blz. 15 is nr. 9 ook van mij......xxx

Am I  right in thinking that you are saying that No 9 on page 15 is also yours Noortje? Such a lot of beautiful squares. There are a number of similar ones in other blankets there - did you make those too?

No I am sorry  Christine, only nr.9 on page 15......somewere there must be another one but no pic. but it is,nt  important. However it is great to see something of my work in the blanket room.

Oh dat dacht ik al maar ik kon het niet meer terugvinden! xoxo

The rest of Ronda's pictures from Volunteers' Day 5th April.

Thank you Christine for sharing these blankets. There are some really gorgeous blankets in this batch, too many 'favourites' to mention :))

I agree with Chris. So many gorgeous blankets in this batch! And I am very lucky to see " my X-mas tree" square and "snow flake" one in blanket number 3!

So many great colors and combinations.  All put together beautifully.

Beautiful, beautiful blankets.....think I see some fab crafting by Karla and Cath, perhaps?????

Thank you for posting these photos Christine.
I'm loving your hearts Molly.

They are all so beautiful. N° 3 is a sheer delight with the lovely tree in the middle;

Great stuff Estelle! You must be the queen of christmas blankets!
Had some help from the Callanetics Ladies at St Martins in the Veldt, 11 and 15 were creatively joined by Louise, while 12 and 14 were Jenny's work. Great to have some additional 'joiners' who are delighted not to have to make their own squares!



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