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Having said that I would be posting photos shortly there has now been another delay - water came through my office ceiling and my computer screen has stopped working, at least for the present time. I have a laptop but there is no suitable software on it to process pictures so I can do nothing for a day or two until either a) techie help arrives or b) an old screen currently in the loft is connected or c) a new screen is obtained. I'm just guessing that the computer itself is okay because the light is still on. Hopefully be back soon!

Christine, I'm so sorry to hear this :(   Here's hoping your 'fix' is an easy one!  In the meantime, don't stress about the photos.  We'll all be here when you can get to them :) xo

Oh Christine. I'm so sorry for your problems. When I was still a worrking girl, I remember the horrors of computer problems.

How unfortunate for you, Christine. I hope it 'all comes right' at little or no cost for you.......and rest assured we will wait very patiently for an update. :))

Finally got 2017 started - dozens of January and February photos to be posted. See you there ..

Just caught up on this year's photos - what a vibrant collection! Absolutely beautiful - well done to all the creators and joiners! 



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