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In this case, it has become a child's treasure :))  Good for you, Philippa! ... xo

Love all the little grannies in the centre, Philippa....it creates a gorgeous centrepiece.....two good finds makes one GREAT blanket.  :))

Lovely to see you on the forum.  :))

Lots of wonderful blankets in this batch, but I love no 5, it is so beautiful!

A bumper collection of beauty!!! Wow!!! 

Congrats on your five blankets, Sharon. I recognised  # 5 as yours, because I 'borrowed' your idea of the diamonds in each corner....lol......and I also thought I recognised # 2, but didn't remember whose it was. Memory isn't what it used to be.  :(  

Your bear blanket is tooooo cute!!  LOVE all the diagonals, the stripes certainly added the extra wow factor.....another idea to try and keep in my head for future reference.   :))

Yay!! for you, Cath, on spotting your blankets, too. Whenever I see a gorgeous granny blanket, I wonder if it's yours.....you choose such pretty and effective colour combos.  :))

I love #16, too.......just so bright and love the colour combo. I feel that I have seen it 'somewhere' before.....but who knows.  :))

Love all of these, but especially the one with the bear in it, so many gorgeous colours and patterns in all, hard to choose any others.
What an amazing collection of blankets. Sharon your Bear blanket is a masterpiece and number 5 is beautiful.
Cath I love your new designs. I think 10 - 17 are yours.
Also love the stripes and diagonals. Well done ladies for all the beautiful squares and blankets. You certainly keep us busy.
Thanks Christine.
I thought that I recognized your work Sharon. The teddy is gorgeous and number 5 is beautiful. I spotted 2 of my diagonal squares in number 6.

Congrats Joan!! Very pretty......variegated yarn, or some of your talented stripes???

They were variegated yarn Bev. :)

Gorgeous!! Pinks, purples and white....the perfect combination.  :))

Such a fabulous collection of blankets :))

These are photos of blankets shown at Opening Day 27th September.



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