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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Some beautiful blankets from a January Opening Day. I think that these blankets arrived complete -

Thanks Christine for posting all these lovelies. Number 10 is so striking. I spy some squares I sent last April in one of the blankets. Happy dance.

Christine, thanks for this new blanket discussion..........I thought I recognised no. 10. Joan it's a beauty. :))

It's wonderful to see the new thread get off to such an encouraging start. I too spotted Amy's educational "hand squares" and, Joan, that blanket is just like a mosaic.

they are so nice and colourful.. lovely squares (-:

They are all lovely.  The red heart in no 1 sets it off beautifully. Nos 5 and 8 are particularly striking. I am happy to see that mine arrived safely :)

Love your diagonal blanket Joan. 

Fabulous collection of blankets , what a great start to 2017. I have to agree Number 5 and Joan's blanket number 8 are my favourites :)) Thank you for posting these Christine :))

Mine is No 10 Sharon :)

Thank you for this beautiful collection, Christine.  I do hope this means you have your monitor woes sorted out :))  Yes, we did have rather a bumpy start, but we're on a roll now with this terrific start!  I love that blanket with the hands at the centre.  I can see a little one matching his or her hands with it and smiling :) xo

When I saw those hands, I thought they were yours, Amy. Every now and then, I remember someone's 'art'. :))

And of course, who could forget Joan;s dazzling diagonals. It pains me to say it, but the BLUE diagonals in that gorgeous blanket were the memory jogger, there.

Thank you Christine, for getting the 2017 Blanket Room off to a brilliant, colourful start. LOADS of beauty here today. :))

Bev you have a good and a good memory.  I also did the love words, thank goodness for cross stitch patterns.  Mmmmm, may have to repeat those for the March theme.



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