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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Thank you Christine for posting all these blankets. There are so many blankets coming in at the moment. You are doing an incredible job posting and even numbering these photographs.

Number 2 to 13 are from my team. There are a few heart squares from Joan Hume in Number 2.
It's great to see our completed blankets as I hand in about 7 blankets a week.

I have lots of photos from 29th August now Estelle and quite a few of those are by your team, but I can only guess from experience which so it's great to have your input. I'll start posting them tomorrow all being well.

Sooooo great to see so many of Sharon B.'s blankets in the Blanket Room.  :))

Think I see my monkey square in #3.

LOVE the colour and texture combos in #16.

So very many stunning blankets here today.


What a cutie your monkey is in that blanket!

I see that a package of mine has arrived!  

The road map blanket was something that my friend had been urging me to make for years.   I tried several times, but it wasn't working out.   She kept urging, I kept trying.   Finally I found a helpful pattern and got it done.

She has just been through Hurricane Irma in Florida, safely, so I can celebrate by telling her that "HER" blanket is in South Africa, ready to warm a child.  Good timing!

It's such a fun blanket, Sharon. Some child is going to love it.....and not just for its warmth!!

Oh my goodness me - this little group are all fabulous!

Such a riot of colour to greet me on this cold, dull morning. I can see my variegated squares in no.2 :)

They look really beautiful surrounded by all the complementing pastels, Joan.  :))

More colour from 22nd August Opening Day:

The heart square, car, truck and the green/variegated striped sqs, all look familiar, but my brain is on strike this morning (most mornings, actually....lol).

More from the 22nd August. Some are gogo joined and some by volunteers.



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