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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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I think 49 may have some of my squares in it!!! 

Good spotting Mary and Ros - you probably already know but if you double click on any photo it opens much bigger so that you can see your work.

Super collection!!

Faves of the day......30, 31, 50 & 64.  :))

This is the rest of the September photos received so far. There are some absolutely beautiful examples of talent and love amongst these - from the so-warm and cosy, to inventive examples of skilful joining from Barbara and other members of the team, to fun embellishments that make unique expressions of caring for children that need to feel remembered and cherished.

So many lovely blankets here, so hard to pick favourites, but No 101 is definitely a strong contender, love all those smiley faces.

Also love 82 and 85. The granny square blankets are also a stand out.

I really admire the skill and patience of the team members who put together the odd sized squares too, they do a masterful job. I love the idea of no square going to waste.

Fantastic collection of blankets, 100 and 101 so lovely but so are all the others! Xx

Fun to see squares I made for last years Olympic theme show up in a blanket.

I agree with Wendy and Jude, 100 is fantastic!

Soooo many pretty blankets, so many beaut 'picture' squares. I really like the 'waffle' blanket, # 85.........all those squares in the same stitch, has my admiration....also the blankets that have been crocheted together, I so wish I could do this. 

A really beautiful collection. No favourites! I love them all.

A lot more photos arrived yesterday. some named, so I'll post those first and hope I've got them right:

Thank you Christine for sharing more photos with us, I am delighted to see a blanket a sent in July (the one with butterflies), you have made my day :))
Chris, I remember seeing your butterfly blanket earlier this year...great to see it in the blanket room, now we just need to spot it on a distribution wrapped around a child, that would be the icing on the cake. Xx



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