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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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So many beauties in this batch, but I love 22 and 30,  but 16 stands out for me, it's stunning! Well done Sharon :)))

No. 30 is so unusual. Such a clever combination of yarns and colours.

Thanks Christine!! So many beautiful and warm blankets ready for the children. Love the abundant of colors, hearts, flowers, stripes, grannies... !! 

Happy to see how my houndstooth squares have been incorporated into blanket #24...

Thanks, Sharon!  I did think 16 might be yours but didn't want to just presume ;)))  Absolutely stunnung :)

Chris, I have a slight suspicion that it's the greens that pull you toward 22 and 30 ...besides the fact that they're both gorgeous, that is ... hahaha ... xo

Lovely collection. I really liked 14, 15 and 16.

In the last batch I posted I really liked some of the squares in No 24. I thought they were probably houndstooth pattern and looking on youtube I found a pattern that looked right and watched the video. It seemed straightforward enough (mistake number 1) but I thought that it looked so solid that it could stand up on its own so I thought I'd used a thinner yarn. Mistake number 2!  I had a go, and another one, and another one - and so on.  I wondered if carrying the yarn could be the problem so perhaps I could do a sort of crochet equivalent of the swing-needle technique but no, that didn't work. I have spent hours trying to make even a few rows and I can't do it. I feel as lost as I did in early 2010 when I first tried to get to grips with crochet. I have now decided that enough is enough and I'm having a go at a knitted version. Whoever made the squares, you have my absolute admiration!

I wonder if it a spike stitch pattern in two colours, Christine.

I did wonder that Marion and then I thought it was probably houndstooth which I found here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDYPA0mpPdY

It makes no difference what it's called - I can't do it!

Christine, thank you for your comments on my houndstooth squares!

I 'discovered' this pattern through trial and error (trying to figure out how to create a similar effect), and have to say that it is a LOT easier than the appearance might lead you to believe, and there is no need to carry yarn.

It is Tunisian crochet, made up of two alternating stitches (Tunisian simple stitch, followed by Tunisian knit stitch), that alternate on each row...in the same way that moss stitch is created. Colours are changed on every row (meaning forward pass and return pass is a complete row).

I later found that someone else has had the same idea, and uploaded a video:

I hope you will try it!

Linda R .... Thank You so much for your beautiful squares, and the instructions to make them!  We love Tunisian crochet squares.  They are often so much faster and easier than regular crochet.

I've read elsewhere that you were in the middle of a major move when these were done, so I'm hoping that they gave you a small moment of peace during a hectic time.

Thanks also to Christine for pointing out these attractive squares so we can all copy them.

Keep on stitching.

Not having had any pictures for a while I have only just come across your reply Linda. I will try the pattern one day - I have to learn Tunisian crochet first . I really liked your squares and thought they were a striking addition to the blanket. Thanks for your help.



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