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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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1 is Linda Maltbys STUNNING memory blanket for her mum.

2- 8 are Cath’s squares sewn together by my team . I joined number 4.

5 and 6 are different yarns that Cath used and are fabulous.
I did the Christmas one number 9.

10 -13 were also joined by my team. Anneke’s exquisite squares make up number 10 and Anne Connors number 13.
Thanks once again Christine for these posts. Unfortunately I don’t know about the other blankets.
Heather your blanket is beautiful as usual. You never fail to send us gorgeous, warm, artistic blankets.

Thanks Christine for posting.  I'm pleased to see Mom's blanket, sent in May, has finally arrived !

I have now found your comment Linda and replied. Thank you for your help.

More than happy to see my blanket! Thank you Estelle and your team for joining my squares and making a beautiful edge around it! xoxo

Love the other blankets too, beautfully designed, they are all treasures to have for the children.

I'm sorry for the delay in posting. I do have a lot of November pictures although a batch of photos that were taken of gogo-joined blankets were apparently deleted in error. Some of the photos of other blankets were fuzzy or out of focus as members of the team helping Ronda needed more photography advice. I'll post what I have, without numbers to save time, and without comments except that many of the blankets were joined by Chiawelo gogos. Hope that some of you might spot your squares - I did recognise a few.

More soon ...

Thanks for all these beauties.  They make me feel very warm as we are having snow in Houston, Texas this morning.  Last time we had snow was 2008.

Christine is busy so Estelle has sent me photos to add to the Blanket Room from the opening days of 2018.

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