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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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It's wonderful to see how all these colourful squares are put together. It's marvellous how Barbara gets the odd sized squares to fit together, she must have the patience of a saint!  I like Estelle's with the squares  placed diagonally, but they are all lovely. Thanks Pam.

`People try to tell me there's a lot of bad in the world...nowhere NEAR as much as there are good people and this thread completely proves it. All this time and talent and love for the children...it's staggering and so heart warming!

What beauty!! Thank you to everyone involved in getting these photos to us to enjoy.

Jeanne, I agree with you.  With all the love and compassion we find here in our little forum, it's hard to understand how there can be so much violence and hatred in the world.  The good certainly does seem to outweigh the bad, but I think the media pounces on the bad because it "sells" better. 

I love our forum because here, the good, the kindness, and the wonderful are the only things that "sell" ... :))) xo

I heartily agree with Jeanne and Gloria ... but also must add that the work of knitting or crocheting is very soothing when the "outside" news gets really bad, so that I can get back to a calm and kind state of mind.   It truly is a life-saver.  

It's my lifesaver too, Sharon. I used to cross stitch or crochet when I needed to forget about a stressful day at work.  can no longer cross stitch as my eyes won't co-operate, but crochet is still my favourite method of relaxatioN;

Totally agree with you all. Knitting is my stress reliever......stay out of my way if I don't find time to knit for a few days.....lol.

Wow Sharon, your beautiful blankets got there very quickly. My parcels seem to be on a round the world trip, sometimes.  :))

A HUGE thank you to Barbara for having the patience to create blankets from unique size/shaped squares. You are a gem.  :))

Recent blankets :

Some absolute beauties in this batch........ the first blanket is a stunner, just like a church window, the rabbit, lion and paw prints jumped out at me, also, some beautiful granny blankets and a stunning c2c blanket....... what a gorgeous collection! I was happy to see Wandi holding up a blue and green variegated blanket that I sent in December too :))

Lovely! Again really liking the Granny Square blankets, but all are amazing!

Yes, there's a majority of Granny Square blankets here, what eye poppers!  And lovely small gaps between the stitches so they hold in insulating air not let it whistle through (like when I try making granny squares, haha).  I particularly love the Lion and Bunny knitted blankets but I see some with knitting and crochet in them, side by side and some Tunisian stitched squares as well.

Bravo everyone!

More lovely blankets, it's hard to choose a favourite . I see my lion and pawprint set. Love the colours they have been put with. 

Such beauty. So many colours and patterns. I love the lion with the paw prints and the bunny.  I loved your blanket too, Chris. 



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