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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Another batch of recently completed blankets ! 

From Hong Kong

RMB Blanket

Thank you Pam. Some lovely blankets. I love the framed striped squares. They really stand out. I also see my strawberry themed squares in a blanket. I'm thrilled about it !

Marion, I'm so glad you saw your strawberry square in the blanket.   Doesn't it look delicious???

There are so many wonderful squares shown that it is hard to choose any favorite, but there is plenty of texture and color and love (big, beautiful hearts) and warmth.

Thanks to everyone who made squares, sewed squares, and photographed the blankets, paying special attention to the details so we all get to share in the joy.

Thank you so much for these photos, Pam.  It's lovely to see such beautiful squares surrounded by their friends :))  It's also good to know they are all on a mission to bring comfort to the children ... xo

I love them all. They add so much colour to my day, and I can just imagine the children wrapped in these fabulous blankets.

Congrats on spotting your strawberry square, Marion.  :))

I have just spied my heart of hearts square and I am pleased to see it is sitting nice and flat.  :))

Another wonderful batch of blankets for us to drool over! 

This one is from the Czech Republic

Wow.  I kept scrolling and scrolling...beautiful blanket after amazing blanket after bright designs....so much creativity here!  How wonderful for the children.  Wow.  I am very impressed with some blankets that have successfully incorporated all different sizes of squares into them too.  All types of yarn. Isn't human creativity wonderful? And so varied...I think, to be British for a second, I'm gobsmacked.

Drool, drool, drool!!!

It's wonderful to see how all these colourful squares are put together. It's marvellous how Barbara gets the odd sized squares to fit together, she must have the patience of a saint!  I like Estelle's with the squares  placed diagonally, but they are all lovely. Thanks Pam.

`People try to tell me there's a lot of bad in the world...nowhere NEAR as much as there are good people and this thread completely proves it. All this time and talent and love for the children...it's staggering and so heart warming!

What beauty!! Thank you to everyone involved in getting these photos to us to enjoy.

Jeanne, I agree with you.  With all the love and compassion we find here in our little forum, it's hard to understand how there can be so much violence and hatred in the world.  The good certainly does seem to outweigh the bad, but I think the media pounces on the bad because it "sells" better. 

I love our forum because here, the good, the kindness, and the wonderful are the only things that "sell" ... :))) xo



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