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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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What an amazing 10 minutes scrolling through the last 4 pages and catching up with the amazing blankets that are picured here!

Just gorgeous!! I remember your beautiful blanket, Chris and your rabbit centrepiece square, Karla....

More blankets ready :

Love the stripey one at the end, so eye catching!

Totally agree, Wendy......may have to keep that one in mind for a future project.  :))

I am thinking the first blanket in this collection maybe Amy's. I recognize that vehicle in it.

Thanks for recognizing the car Bev.  Estelle put the blanket together with other red, white and black squares they had in the KAS barn.  I too, try to send picture squares separately so they can be incorporated with other squares.  Maybe I will see the other 3.

Thanks Amy. We try  to separate the picture squares which means we need collect suitable squares to compliment the main square. Sometimes this takes weeks to collect them. Amy watch this space for for your other vehicle squares. It wasn’t easy for me to share them... I would have loved to join all of them.


Marion that’s why you had to wait awhile to see UNDER THE SEA. Thank you for such an amazing centre panel. 

A very big  THANK YOU to all the contributors who knitt and crochet the PJS we can’t do without them. 

Thank YOU and all the team and the gogo groups who sort and sew them together, Estelle. I fully appreciate the wonderful job of 'mix and match' you all do, with the limited time and the huge amount of squares each week.  xo

Thank You, Estelle, you do such a wonderful job of putting these blankets together. I notice the sunset squares with the mandala that were sent with the other picture squares in that parcel. It really is lovely to see so many of them in these blankets.

What a beautiful collection. I love them all.

WOW!   What a terrific collection of blankets.

Love Amy's car in the color coordinated blanket.    Great work by both Amy and Estelle.

Also love the elephants in their special blanket.   Not sure who made that special square, but kudos to you, whoever you are.   And to whoever put it together ... Estelle, again???

I can't imagine how difficult it must be to sort through all the squares that arrive and collect those that work so well together.    I do especially like the blankets that highlight one special square, but understand the enormity of that task.  

One of my friends joined the elephant one Sharon. 



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