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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Thanks Pam. Some great colour co ordinating of squares. Also nice to see the picture squares being shared to highlight a blanket.  often we see blankets that have numerous picture squares, and whilst they look lovely, I think it a shame that other blankets miss out.  

Totally agree, Sue........especially as, if I am making picture squares, I usually don't make any/enough pj squares to go with them. Then of course I bundle them in 10's or 5's to go to SA and they don't always get split into lots of different  blankets.

I'm glad to hear that other members lament the fact that some blankets have TOO many unique squares and others - none.  Above we have some very good examples of how to incorporate unique squares and have some outstanding blankets.

I have to agree with you and the others, Mili.  It takes so much longer to make a picture square that it is nice to see them shared among many blankets/children.

I agree with you Susanne that it's wonderful to see special squares used one per blanket to highlight them and to fancy up the blanket as well.  These are lovely and the pair of elephants are so cute.

I agree with all you dear ladies.  I love the look of one picture square surrounded by PJs.  One or two per blanket is sufficient, and the proof is in the viewing above :)  That way, each child stands a chance of receiving one in their blanket.

I can't even imagine how difficult it must be for the volunteers who are struggling to match squares - color, weight, technique, size - to make the beautiful blankets that they do.  Without sufficient PJs, it must be nearly impossible.  Perhaps we should put an extra push on to shower them with PJs each month.  Just imagine the beauty they could create with our lovely picture squares combined with our PJs.

A couple of years ago we had a theme that concentrated solely on PJs - single color squares.  Perhaps we should think about doing that again next year??

Estelle, you and the volunteers never cease to amaze me with the wonders you will create from squares received from all over the world.  You are all very talented at sorting, matching, and stitching and we can't thank you enough for your patience, your hard work, and the warmth and beauty you pull together for the children.  (((Hugs))) to all of you ... xo

Good idea, but I hope there are plenty of people who enjoy making PJs more than I do!

Haha I make PJs to make everyone else's individual crafted masterpieces look extra special! Having embellished 120 PJs as 'Bears on Squares' plus 20 hands with hearts on squares I am going to try something more challenging! Lol! I will craft something blue for Glo's theme probably a PJ! ! maybe in TC what a surprise that would be or perhaps a shock! XXXX

Aw, Jude, a Tunisian square in Blue for Gloria would be a wonderful surprise.   Go For It!

Sharon you and Patricia have inspired me, I am sure Joan and Louise are laughing already!

watch this space ladies but it may take a while! Xxx to you all

Thank you Bev and Gloria. I love Tuesdays just to go to The Barn and have coffee and muffins,a busy morning, a lot of chatting  and what we love most... opening the post. Luckily we all have different tastes in sewing up our blankets. 

Ann loves to sort anything to do with babies. She takes a lot of the pastel squares.

Athelé loves knitted squares and I don’t mind mixing crocheted and knitted as long as they “go together “ and are the same size. However I did size 17 of the squares that went into Amy’s blanket. I didn’t mind  doing this as I only wanted to use black, red cream and white. 

 Amy the only reason I’m not making all 4 of your blankets is because I’d feel so selfish not sharing  them with my friends who join blankets for KAS. 

No worries Estelle.  I just love seeing what happens to the squares once I send them off to SA.  I feel so blessed every time I see a picture from SA with one of my squares or blanket in it. Of course it is such a special treat to see one of my toys in a child's hand.  Blessing all around.



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