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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Thanks everyone...was just so surprised (and thrilled) to see something of mine there....lol.

Speed is not my middle name, Sue, so they do take time and I sometimes do think of how many more squares I could possibly have achieved in the time taken to sew on ONE  square.  :)) It is fun though...just occasionally. 

Yeah!!!! They made it. :) The second Louise Tidman Group blankets are some my friends and I put together. :) So excited they made it okay. :)

Yay, Patricia and friends!! It's always good to spot our handiwork.  :))

More 'eye candy' yarn creations :

WOW!! I spy the darling appliqué teddies from Jude and the aardvark square from Bev!!!  The gorgeous red blanket from Sharon B has reached destination. Thanks Pam for sharing these pictures.  

You have a good memory, Diana!!! I was just humming and haaing, as to whether that was Sharon's blanket. I remembered it, just wasn't sure if it was her's or Anneke's.  :))

Yes, it's lovely to see some more of Jude's sweet bears......and my aardvark...I had to think twice about what it was meant to be....hahaha.

My bears on squares have appeared, only another 118 to look out for lol. Xx

Yes, it's great to see familiar squares and blankets appearing, sounds like we'll be bear spotting for some time! Lots of  beautiful blankets in this batch, including some very pretty grannies :))

WOW§§ I keep thinking that I can't be surprised ay more by the beauty of the blankets. But it's not true. I keep getting the breath knocked out of me by some of these fantastic blankets. We have so many talennted people in KAS.

Loving all the variety.

From Estelle :

My blanket this week. Thanks Audrey for sharing these squares from the USA with me. I enjoyed sewing them together for KNIT A SQUARE. All these blankets will be wrapped around disadvantaged children together with a beanie, hand warmers and they will be given a soft toy. 
Thanks to all our contributors around the world who support this amazing charity.

Thanks Rae Logie for your blanket which I’m sure will be included in the next distribution from KAS for the vulnerable children.

Another fabulous blanket from Marioth Brown. Lovely soft pink and grey squares mixed with Anne Connors stripes. Thank you Marioth and Anne and the contributors who knitted the remaining squares for KAS.

Some of the lovely blankets Ana sewed together for KNIT A SQUARE. I see you sized some of the squares for the first one. It’s gorgeous. Thanks Ana the children are going to love these.

Wow!! There are so many beautiful blankets today. Totally impossible to pick a definitive fave, as there are lots of  delicious colour combos, stripes and designs. That blue/white one is stunning!!



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