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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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The rest of the blankets shown at Volunteer's Day, 10th January


Thanks for sharing another beautiful collection of color

Beautiful and colourful....and I can't resist picking a couple of faves....#9 & #11. :))

They are certainly worth repeating, Amy.  :))  Oops, this ended up in the wrong place (gotta love Ning). I meant, it would be lovely to see some 'love' squares again, this March.  :))

This batch are from the Opening Day 31st January. Some of you will recognise some of these truly beautiful blankets.

Oh, Christine, thank you!  Another gorgeous collection!  I see Chris C's blanket in position number 5 :))  Others do look familiar, but I can't place them right away.  xo

Happy Dance, I see some more of my squares.  Isn't 19 one of Sharon's?

A wonderful batch of blankets, thank you Christine. Lovely to see Chris's blanket again, Amy did you make all those lovely flower squares? They are beautiful, I know I've seen them on the forum before and I recognise No. 19, it could be Sharon's. :))
I've just checked the forum, I think no. 19 is Lesley King's and no. 2 is Joan Humm's. Both are stunning blankets.

As much as I would love to take the credit for No 19 , sadly it is not mine. This was made by Lesley . I think it was one of her first blankets and it is truly stunning.

Yes, my first ever blanket - I'm doing Amy's Happy Dance!!!

They are all beautiful, but I especially like the flowers on No 12 - amazing!

Lesley, my apologies for identifying the blanket incorrectly.  It is really stunning.  Isn't it great to see your things arrive, just wait until you see something you made wrapped around a child.  Truly thrilling!



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