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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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A riot of colour, thanks for posting the pics Linda.....I know I've seen the multi coloured striped blanket on the right hand side before but I can't remember who made it...I'll have to investigate!! 

Found it!!  The multi coulored stripe blanket is Susanne's from last Aug and I think the one underneath is Wendy's lavender dream blanket  :))

I thought I recognized it but wasn't sure.  Thanks for figuring it out Louise :-)

Lovely! I really like the stripey blanket on the right, (second from bottom). I also remember seeing it on the forum, but can't remember who made it either).

I am also doing a happy dance as the two blankets right at the bottom are mine! On the left is blanket 72 'Beautiful dreamer' and on the right is 70 'Lavender dream'.

I thought you'd recognize them Wendy !

My multistripe "Leftovers" Blanket on the right.   ( knitted using circular needles back and forth to fit all the stitches on)

What a joy to look at all these beautiful blankets!  Thank you so much for posting the photos Linda, you have been very busy.

A few blankets from Feb 5

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A beautiful bunch. One prettier than the other. 

Gorgeous blankets! Thanks so much Linda for posting these photos. They are all inspirational blankets!

RECENT BLANKET PICS , apologies for not being able to number as Christine does - she'll be back in the spring!

A beautiful, colourful collection. I love the one with the vegetable squares, and also the one in small squares of different shades of green and white.



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