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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Your squares made a great centrepiece, Chris......and the contrasting squares combined PERFECTLY.

Beautifully neat sewing, too, by Estelle and friends.  :))

Lovely to see some more of Cath's blankets....I wonder how many she has made now.

Chris, your blanket is superb.

All blankets are beautiful but I agree with Linda that Chris´number squares are the perfect centrepiece.

Here are a few more from Estelle.

Thanks Lyn de Ridder from Waterfall Estate for this lovely blanket. The colours are amazing and the children are going to love it. I wonder who crocheted these squares for KAS.

Image may contain: indoor

3 from Marioth Brown this week. A gorgeous soft Aran yarn yellow/brown Cath Riley and lovely pink blankets. Thanks Marioth, Cath and the contributors who knitted and crocheted the pink squares for KNIT A SQUARE.

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: stripes and indoor

Image may contain: stripes
Amy here’s the 2nd blanket of your vehicle squares beautifully joined by Jan Hills from Waterfall Estate. These blankets are so special Amy thank you and thanks Jan for the perfect Plain Janes that make it into another stunning blanket for our children.
Image may contain: stripes
Oops nearly forgot this one of yours Sue. It’s so soft. Thank you and whoever knitted these squares for our vulnerable children.
Image may contain: stripes

All beauties!

these are all stunners! and happy to say that I got 35 squares and two pairs of handwarmers to my mom yesterday and a bit of ferreting about I think I may have another 35 squares to go... all to help with the winter distributions.

Thanks Mary for your continued support.  We need to fill those shelves!

All beautiful blankets......loving the colours and designs.  :))

Another beautiful collection. They are all so gorgeous.

Comments by Estelle:

Some of the fabulous blankets that were in the post at KNIT A SQUARE this morning. Pink and turquoise diagonal one from Joan Humm, autumn colours Mili Kus and the blue one from Sharon B. Thank you all so much they arrived just in time for our cooler weather.

Image may contain: stripes

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What lovely blankets

Totally agree, Valerie.  :))




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