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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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And more !

Another great batch....lovely variegateds.  :))

So much colour and cheerfulness. I really love the first one.

some quite stunning blankets here

Estelle and her friends have been busy creating beautiful blankets.

Estelle's comments:

I had a marvelous time working with my favourite colours. Thank you Linda Maltby for your amazing squares. It’s such a lovely blanket.

Image may contain: indoor

Cath Riley what can I say...your warm, soft Aran squares just keep on coming. Thank you. I can’t wait to see these wrapped around the children.

Image may contain: indoor

A Cath Riley/ Marioth Brown delightful colourfull blanket for our vulnerable children. Thanks so much Marioth and Cath.

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Two more Cath Riley’s and a gorgeous Granny square blanket sewn together by Lyn de Ridder. Thanks again Cath and all the contributors from all over the world that crocheted those amazing squares. Lyn you are a star. Thank you for all the time you spend joining these for KNIT A SQUARE

Image may contain: indoor

Image may contain: indoor.

Image may contain: indoor

Two super blankets knitted and joined by Rae Logie's friends. The pink and blue one was knitted by a blind 80 year old lady. Thank you so much Rae and your friends. They will certainly help to fill up the shelves.

Image may contain: stripes

Image may contain: stripes

A beautiful collection of blankets, so perfectly sewn together.  :))

Gorgeous colours in the top blanket...your wheel-spoke pattern is one of my faves, Linda....so effective!!

Cath never ceases to amaze me with all the different colour combos she creates

 I'm loving the colour combos in the bottom pj blanket...they work soooo well together. and all finished off with the pretty green.  :))

All so lovely and colourful, as usual I am loving the granny square blankets the most though!

From April 17: Some of the blankets ready to warm the children.

WOW!   They have done it again .... taken my little frog square and turned it into a magical blanket.   Just like kissing the frog and turning him into a prince.    Thank You all for your talent and hard work!

Sharon, your sweet frog will brighten the life of the child who receives this fabulous blanket.

Looking forward to seeing your latest, the penguins, in a blanket !

LOVING all the stripes and diagonals.....and your cute little frog has found himself a giant lily pad, Sharon.  :))

I love all this colour, and I really got a kick out of your frog square, Sharon. They certainly have found him a lovely home in this blanket.



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