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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Hi Linda, Thank you for letting us know. They are stunning squares. Just now looked at your photopage and saw them, stunning pattern and so nicely made! Moving from Hongkong to Scotland, that's quite a change!

Yes, a huge change, but it's just what we needed. After MANY years away, it is good to be back in the UK, and closer to family again.

 Thank you for your comments Estelle. I have a batch of squares to post tomorrow that had your name against them - whether you did join them all I don't know but it's likely that your team did.

I do have a pattern for the houndstooth squares - I just don't have the skill to make them but obviously someone in Hong Kong does.

There are so many talented contributors out there.
I wouldn’t know where to start making those squares but they were great to work with.
Looking forward to seeing the next batch of blankets. Thank you Christine.

There were several labels amongst these photos but as Estelle explained sometimes another blanket is placed on the pile and things can get a bit confused. There are a few of which I am sure and Estelle can probably help with the rest.

What an amazing and stunning collection of blankets! Wow! More than thrilled to see that my blanket arrived safely. The blankets made by Barb are very special, what a love and patience to join all those differently sized squares into beautiful blankets! They look like modern art landscape paintings! 

Anneke and Sharon your blankets are truly magnificent.

My team joined all the blankets from the bright pink one. The pink squares were some of the hundreds that we received from Kings College.

All the granny squares are from Cath.

The blanket with the corner squares ( which I didn’t use on the corners ) came from Judy Rose.

Thank you so much Estelle for your compliments about my blanket. Much appreciated xoxo

Thank you for making my squares look so beautiful!

There are some real stunners in this group. Impossible to pick a favourite. They are all so good.

Fabulous square Amy. I didn’t see it in “real life ‘.
Judith you sent so many beautiful squares. The rose squares are amazing. I’ve just edged the “autumn shades” one that Ana stitched together. I hope you don’t mind that I repositioned some of the squares on the blanket I did. I just loved the way the corner ones came together.
You should see Ana’s one soon as it was photographed on Tuesday.

I hope this reply pops up in the correct spot this time.



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