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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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We are in sync, Wendy.  I will use smaller needles and add extra stitches, too.  :))

Like you, I get annoyed and unpick the row. Just recently I had to  unpick, cut the yarn, knitted a couple of rows, only to do the same thing again, because of another knot!!....grrrrr.

We also have panda yarn in our little town, but at the moment they seem to have very little in stock (I checked a couple of weeks ago, perhaps they have more by now)...perhaps because of all the yarn bombing going on.....lol.

I buy often from the Wool Warehouse. I find that they have a very good range of products and are reasonably priced.

We have an annual Wool Festival close by once a year, and they always decorate the town by yarn bombing. I too regret the waste of yarn as it's useless after the festival.. i wish I could persuade them to hold a knitathon instead.

Totally agree with you Valerie! I also wish I could teleport myself to SA, I would love to participate in some of the opening days!

Have to make do with the vicarious experience of seeing photos though I guess, the next best thing.

Another stunner made up in South Africa - and ready to go!

Beautiful. The rose centrepiece is perfect.


Hi Valerie. Have you tried putting a small stack of squares in a kitchen zip lock plastic bag... 3/4 seal the bag... push all the air out then complete sealing the bag.  The bag practically forms a vacuum.  I think if the bags were then packed tightly in a rigid post office mailing carton you may solve the problem.   ( if you haven't already tried this).   Hats off to you for your amazing results with your aged knitters... fantastic effort!

Thank you for this idea. I'll have to try it.

I spent all this afternoon organising all the squares I have to "tweak". It was a trifle disheartening. But then I think of the big smiles and hugs I get from my "ladies" when we have our formal presentation of all their squares. One of these ladies is very prolific, but she'll only make squares that measure 3 x3. I make a bigger square with 4 of hers and build up from there.

Oh Valerie, 3x3's I really feel for you! I recall receiving about 220 of them, years ago, thankfully I was able to take most them to Yours Live at Butlin's Skegness and the ladies who joined the sessions soon upscaled them into 8x8's - what a relief!

Some extremely recent blanket pics - some may have shown up before - I scrounge pics from Estelle's and Athele's Facebook pages,  but well worth another viewing!



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