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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Oh...my....goodness....how heavenly are all those striped blankets??!! The colour combo in the last is simply beautiful, too. Feeling very spoilt with all this beauty to enjoy this morning.

Well done KASfriends for your beautiful crafting and sewing..... and Thomas for his excellent photography.  :))

Love the stripey blankets, especially the second one. So good to see some colour when the days here are so grey at present.

Here are some of the May blankets (some may have been shown earlier) :

Lots of lovely colour coordinated blankets here, today.....and that last one is a real humdinger.....beautiful  !!

Love all of these, especially the granny squares blankets, I also agree Bev the last one is a real eye-catcher, love it!

Some real beauties.

What a wealth of colours and designs... truly amazing how many different styles and patterns in these blankets.  I have just sent a donation for Thomas (delivery) to celebrate my birthday next Wednesday.

Aww, thanks Grace.....that is so lovely of you to think of someone else when it is going to be YOUR  special day. I hope you have a lovely, lovely day and a wonderful year ahead. xo

It's been a while since I made it but I'm pretty sure that last blanket is one of mine!
It's been a while since I made it but I'm pretty sure that last blanket is one of mine!

CONGRATS, Elaine!!! It's a beauty!!!

From Estelle : I found some of Judith Rose’s squares. She is from LA USA - so I decided to make a blanket with them. I heard that she may be in Africa this week. I couldn’t resist adding a few green squares because Wimbledon started today so here’s your blanket Judith. Thank you so much for all the soft toys and squares you have sent to KNIT A SQUARE.

Love your blankets Marioth and the way you arranged the squares of the second one. You are so clever Marioth. I could not get the true colours of the second one which should be royal blue. Two more to warm our children this winter. Thank you.

Two fabulous blankets from Liz Murphy this week. A green and gold - Springbok colours- from Cath Riley and gorgeous red one from the USA. Thanks Cath and Lucretia and I wish I knew who sent the red one. They have arrived at KNIT A SQUARE just in time for this bitterly cold weather. Apparently it will be-3 tonight.



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