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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Hi Estelle. Thanks for using my green squares in such a beautiful blanket. I was in South Africa but was unable to stop by. Kathy and I will be sending our new batch of blankets and squares soon. We can’t wait to see them in the blanket room. 

More blankets from Thomas's camera work!

I am sure Thomas has his favorite as well. Love to see his shoes peeking at the bottom of the pictures at times!!

Well done, Thomas!!

Thanks Pam for all these new  pictures. 

All beautiful....and some real show-stoppers!!

I'mglad my blanket arrived safely. It's made from 4 x 4 squares that I receive regularly from a bed-ridden lady, Mme Larive. She sends me several parcels of 150 to 200 squares each year. I've just received her latest parcel with over 200 small squares. Mireille Legros and I make them into blankets.

Bless you and Mireille for all the time and effort you spend making the squares of others, into blankets. Such patience you must have, but what joy and purpose you give to a lovely, caring lady, Mme Larive.

Well done, Valerie.  xo

Valerie, I totally agree with Bev!

Check out Susanne Leverton's panda snuggled in a sea of blue and green squares.

Note from Athele:

Spot the two cats.. and a panda ... keeping me company while I lay out this lovely aquamarine palette we received at Knit-A-Square over the past few weeks... think it’s gonna make a lovely blanket for a disadvantaged child.

Oooooh!!  I think that many of the blue and green squares with yellow ties are mine.  Excited they arrived!

That is GREAT, Joy!! Your squares are in S.A. I had the feeling they were there before the strike. It takes 6-8 days for an airmail parcel to get to SA. from the States . I'm thrilled for you!! Welcome again to KAS!!

The squares are super neat and colorful!! Thanks!!

I'm a beginning knitter so PJs are my specialty. :)  Seeing them in a blanket with such a beautiful panda makes me want to knit more!

Keep them coming. Your PJ's are beautifully made and very much needed as you can see. Another perfect blanket to keep a child warm. Thanks again, Joy.




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