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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Beautiful and creative blankets......my fave of the day would have to be #28.....pretty pastels.  :))

Beautiful!! Love #28 also, # 24 and 40 as well. The big square in #33 is awesome!
Thanks Christine!

I love them all! Such a riot of colour. They're fabulous.

I got myself into a terrible muddle with the last few batches of photos and numbered them wrongly (I have just confirmed to myself that I can't multi-task). I think that these are the rest of the 22nd August blankets and hopefully I haven't duplicated any.

Another lovely bunch of wonderful blankets. I just love looking at them all. Doesn't matter one jot if you've posted them twice Christine, we are all just so grateful that you do :))) xx

Totally agree with Joan....we are just so grateful for your efforts, which allow us to see our handiwork has arrived and see the wonderful talent of others.

Started to pick a fave, but when it got to five in a very short look, decided it's just impossible, each is beautiful and unique.  :))

Thank you, Christine. So much colour and such warm-looking blankets.

Starting now on many pictures from Opening Day 29th August.  There was a delivery of gogo joined blankets at that time so lots of pictures were taken, some by Themba.

Wow! Wow! Soooo many pretty colours, stripes, textures and granny squares blankets in this collection. Started to pick a fave, but it was three from three in the first three blankets....so gave up.  :))

1, 2 and 5 have squares in I made - it is so lovely to see them being joined with the work of so many others like a whole group of us are hugging the kiddie who will get the blanket.  I also see lots of squares that I think are by the Melton Knitters.

I love the windmill type shape in the patterned square in blanket 15!

What a lovely idea.....all of us hugging one child with our blanket.

Rebecca I joined your squares in No 1. I added the plain green squares to make up the numbers to 35. They are such lovely soft squares.

18 - 25 came with Cath Rileys shipment.

My team joined 26 - 32. The squares in 27 ( pink blanket) were exquisitely knitted by Susan Lawrence from the U.K.



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