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crochet beanie hat, easily sized up or down, infant to adult


This is simple enough for me!

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Another very easy pattern which I have made for another charity before is this one
SLK baby hat by Susan Krauss. Sorry I can only link on Ravelry!!!!!
The pattern is available for free on Ravelry.
I MUST go check out Ravelry. I simply must. It sounds like an excellent site. Meanwhile THIS site is a link to many other free patterns....if the pattern listed has a + before it, it means you must register for free at that site, others are free for the taking--the number of free patterns available is astonishing, this is a good way to find them:


I highly recommend this one, listed as "Amish Cap" under the Children's Hats area....
http://www.craftown.com/cropat21.htm Scroll down to the second hat--this is PERFECT for babies and little kids, simple and practical...basically a hood with tie strings. Take a glance.

PJ :)
By far the easiest beanie pattern I have seen so far is the single crochet beanie posted by RhondaH.
Find the pattern at
and check out Rhonda's beautiful photos on this forum.

It is adaptable to all sizes, depending on how much of the crown pattern you do... and what I like about it is that you can do a whole bunch of "crowns" when you're in the mood for counting, and the rest of the hat is just single crochet, round and round... to be picked up whenever you just want to do something mindless.
Easy enough for a beginner, works up quickly... just awesome. thanks Rhonda!!

Anne Powell
Thanks Anne, I've copied that one off and shall also give it a go! :D
Thanks, Anne. I appreciate your nice comments. It is a nice pattern. I've used everything from sport to Aran weight yarn, and all of the hats turned out great.

Another easy pattern is from the LionBrand site for the Teeny Beanie. I use that one quite a lot for the smaller size hats, but often add to the length.

i love your idea to make a bunch of crowns and leave the single crocheted sides for a time when you don't want to have to concentrate on counting. That's a brilliant idea!
I agree, Rhonda, that's a super idea Anne. Rhonda thank you for the sc beanie pattern. I'm using it this morning once I unplug from this cyber beastie. And I'll go look up the Teeny Beanie on the LionBrand site too.
Hmm I tried making that, and all I got was a crocheted pringle potato chip.
Hi Kyla
My first attempt didn't come out quite right either. I think the secret to success is in Round 3 of the pattern. The printed instructions read "1 sc in 2sc....." It should read "1 sc in 2nd sc. This is the round that gives the shaping to the crown - by skipping to the 2nd sc on each repeat, it starts the curve shape of the crown.

The crown does take a bit of counting and concentration, which is why I am finding it easier to do a few at a time when I'm in the mood to think about what I'm doing, and come back later to finish the mindless part.

These hats work up so quickly - probably faster than a knitted square. Ah... the joys of crochet.
I insert one of those removable "c" shaped stitch markers in the last stitch of every round to make sure I'm still on track...and move it up as I go along. I also put a check mark on the page so I know that row is done. (I re-use the same print-out, and circle the check marks or find another way to identify things when I'm working on a new hat.) My first attempt turned out too big, but I'm pretty sure it was my mistake.

Hmmm, I interpretted the instructions a little differently from Anne, but I know one of Bev's crocheted preemie hats (Bev of Bev's Country Cottage) is constructed that way. The designer of the Single Crochet Hat is on Ravelry, and I've written to her once before, so maybe I'll write to her again. I'll also try to get a picture up of the crown of a just finished hat. Some rows start and end with a 2 stitches and some don't. It does require some concentration at the top.

I have more problems interpretting crochet instructions, and find them to be a litttle vague (compared to knitting instructions), but I've been knitting a lot longer.

Crochet is much quicker. When I get to the side of this hat, round after reound of simple, single crochet puts me in almost a meditative state. Single crochet remains one of my favorite stitches. I love the texture of it in a simple, warm hat.
Rhonda - I am having a good chuckle.... maybe I misinterpreted the instructions for round 3(i.e. 1 sc in 2nd sc)... but it seems to work for me, and each round seems to end in the right place. Could be just dumb luck on my part! That's the great thing about this pattern, though - you can't go too far wrong and it seems to be very forgiving..... If the designer had other ideas in mind, I may never get it to work again!!

Considering that I started in KAS saying "I will NOT do hats".... I certainly am surpised at how hooked (forgive my word choice) I have become on these beanies.

I agree with you - the single crochet produces a lovely texture and it is a tight enough wave to be very cosy. I think there is just enough stretch in the single crochet that the kids will be able to wear the hats for a few years, but at the same time, there's a snugness to the sc that might keep it from falling off while they are sleeping.

I have just done 2 crowns to rnd 11 - hoping they will end up 'youth size' when finished. The only head I have around here is my 8 year old grandson - making the crown to rnd 9 produced a good fit for him.

Love the pink flower on the pink hat in one of your photos - tried one by guess and by gosh - a flop - could you share your secret for this little flower??

LOL, I know what you mean about patterns, and was going to add, if it ain't broke don't fix it! If what you've been doing works for you, carry on! I decided to write to the designer, because I'm trying to take the mystery out of crochet patterns.

I'll have to go back over to Ravelry to find the pattern for the flower, and maybe I can paste it here, if I also include the source. It was a lot of fun to make, and only took a a couple of yards of fingering weight yarn.


Simple Crocheted Flower
Source: http://multicrafty.blogspot.com/2007/08/simple-crocheted-flower.html

Any small amount of yarn and hook to accomodate yarn.
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

Ch5, sl st to first ch, ch2

Round 1: 9 dc into the ring, sl st to the ch2
Round 2: Ch1, *sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc, in same stitch, sl st to next stitch* repeat from * to * around 4 more times. sl st to last stitch, BO and weave in ends.

THAT'S IT! It really easy and really simple and just so cute. If you have any questions about this or need help, you can either email me multicrafty(at)gmail(dot)com or visit CrochetPatternCentral for crochet help.
I posted some pictures on "my page" and wrote to the designer to see if she can help clarify things. I've written a few knitting patterns (not yet posted on Ravelry because I need to add pictures), and tend to err on the side of the beginner. LOL, it drives me crazy when a pattern is vague. For my own notes, I might write, 4/2, 64s, 42r to ev row dec and know what I'm doing, but would never expect anyone else to follow it. I find crochet patterns much harder to follow for whatever reason. I think sometimes I make it harder than it really is, but wrote to Bev of Bev's Country Cottage one time, and she changed the pattern as a result (she agreed it was missing some information). I do think it's wonderful that designers are so willing to share, and for the most part people are very good about giving credit where credit is due. I wish all things in life were like this, but then in a perfect world I could just sit on the computer or knit & crochet all day long, with no other cares.





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