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We appreciate that December is a busy month as we all get prepared for our Christmas and holiday celebrations. This months theme is designed to help you relax ad just wind down a little. Before the start of 2018 new and exciting themes.

Can you believe that 2017 is nearly over ?

Here at KAS we have had yet another super busy year, helping to keep thousands of children warm.

It has been a wonderful year with fabulous themes hosted by our moderators and members, with so many fantastic makes from all our crafters.Squares, toys, handwarmer and hats in their hundreds. There has been so much creativity in the colours, patterns and designs. Our crafters never cease to surprise us with the next idea they pull out of the hat. So that leads us to our monthly theme.

We must all have those little balls of scrap yarn, that been left over from our previous monthly theme or home projects ?

So, lets dig into the bottom of all those project bags and storage boxes and pull out all those odds and ends and get them used up. ( You never know what Santa might bring you !)

Whether it be a multi-coloured square, cuddly toy, jazzy handwarmer, stripy hat, lets use up all those odds and ends.

 Most importantly lets have some fun !!!

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Lesley, your squares are wonderful.   Great colors, and the stripes look so bright and cheerful.'

In answer to your mystery question ... I've got nothin'   ... It is just one of those mysteries of the universe.

Wow!  Lesley, these are fabulous!  So many gorgeous colors ... a big bonus for a blanket ... xo

This month's theme is showing me so many breathtaking beautiful squares. 

A great quartet of squares.  I must admit I find it difficult when knitting a multi striped square to keep the edges with the joins even, but your square is so beautifully neat.  What is your secret?  

Hi Susan, thank you. No secret, but this seems to work:

Making diagonals, I don't increase/decrease at the beginning of every row, as some patterns say, but at both ends of alternate rows.  When introducing a new colour, I do it on the non-increasing row. I just start the row with the new colour, without joining, and afterwards pull up both finished and starting ends quite tightly, so there's no loose stitch, tie them in single thumb knot and sew them in.

Hope this helps.

Lesley, these are all gorgeous, especially the stripes in the bottom 2 squares.  I hear what you're saying about the size of your stash...mine's the same, it multiplies overnight when I'm asleep.  :))

Here is Scrap Miter Number 3 ...

Another beauty, Sharon - I love the colours.

Super, Sharon.  Lots of colors ... including blue :)))  Well done ... xo

Another stunning Mitre...Sharon your work is soooo neat and precise, I love it.  :))

Sharon, I love the colours you used very much!

This is my first attempt at Gloria's Fields & Furrows pattern. I had to add a border to make it up to 8" but I think that's because the Christmas yarn knits up thinner than standard DK.




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