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 A WARM THANK U...from Sunshine Kids Protea Glen.

We had received a visit from Thomas and Wandile at our Temporary shelter.

Our premises was destroyed by the hail storm on the 30th Dec 2017. Your visit today has warmed the hearts of the little ones.

We thank you very much and God bless.

Thank you and photos from the second creche:  

Little Roses

We at, Little Roses Management and staff would like to thank knit a square for donating the beautiful blankets, hats and gloves for our children. They will be much more warm at this winter coming. We also thank for the toys, for they will stimulate their minds. 

You have put a great smile in our kids. Thank you knit a square Management and the Team, Ronda Lowrie, Mam Wandile and Thomas; we really appreciate your support. 

Thank you for your ongoing support  

Regards: Sheila (Principal)

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I'm so pleased that Thomas and Wandile were able to distribute some warmth to the children. 

Many thanks to Thomas and Wandi for bringing joy and confort to these children. 

Thanks Thomas and Wandi ! The children all look so colourful it is lovely to see.

I'm so pleased that KAS could help. It's so unbearable to think of all the children who suffer from the cold.

In the intro above, I've added photos and a thank you message from the second creche visited by Wandi and Thomas.

And here photos of Little Roses after the storm/tornado.

The climbing apparatus [what's left of it]:

The creche:

Oh my goodness!! How devastating....so glad KAS was able to bring some warmth and cheer to the children.  :))

It is heartwarming to know that KAS was able to help these children.

Linda, I would like to copy the photo of the creche to put in my next post to Carrement Votre, but when I try I always get just the photo of the climbing frame . 

That is strange Valerie!  I'll send you a copy of the original.



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