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I  am involved with my local Wednesday Club here in the village of Earlston in the Scottish Borders, 35 miles south of Edinburgh.  The Club meets every fortnight in the afternoon  and is aimed at the over 60's - our  oldest member is 95 - and they come together for a talk, slide show, quiz, etc. followed by afternoon tea and chat (sausage rolls, sandwiches  scones, tray-bakes & cakes),  provided by different teams  of volunteer  bakers.  

Knowing there were some keen knitters in the group,  I  recently  introduced KAS to them and circulated an information sheet  based on the  KAS website.   I already have been given 9 knitted squares with many more on the go.  I will be sending these to KAS in the name of Earlston Wednesday Club - so do watch this space for more news from Earlston.  

I have also attached a photograph of the lovely countryside around Earlston.

The triple Eildon Hills - a famous Scottish Borders view close to my home.

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More bright squares from Earlston Wednesday Club members  in my home village in the Scottish Borders.


Beautiful squares !!!

Really beautiful squares!

I can hardly keep up with the knitters at Earlston Wednesday  Club ,so here is some of their latest contributions  to KAS. 

Goodness me, how colourful!!!! I think the white, yellow and blue striped set are my favourites.

Well done, Ladies!!!! 

They are all beautiful and I say it every time but they are soooo neat !!

Hi Susan,

I was wondering if there is a way - pictures of a Wed. meeting-  to meet the wonderful Ladies of Earlston Wednesday Club??

Just an idea. In the meantime, please Thanks them for me again. 



Following Diana's request,  here is a photograph of the 90 year old members of Earlston Wednesday Club,  some of whom have knitted squares for KAS - taken at the recent birthday celebrations of the 56 strong  club.  (Photograph courtesy of the local newspaper "The Border Telegraph")

That totally made my day. Thank you Susan!!


A wonderful group of happy ladies !  90 years?? !

Oh, I can´t believe, they are 90 and they still knit ! Bravo! I admire your abilities very much ladies.

These ladies are incredible.  Just goes to show that you are never to old to make a difference in someone's life.



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