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I  am involved with my local Wednesday Club here in the village of Earlston in the Scottish Borders, 35 miles south of Edinburgh.  The Club meets every fortnight in the afternoon  and is aimed at the over 60's - our  oldest member is 95 - and they come together for a talk, slide show, quiz, etc. followed by afternoon tea and chat (sausage rolls, sandwiches  scones, tray-bakes & cakes),  provided by different teams  of volunteer  bakers.  

Knowing there were some keen knitters in the group,  I  recently  introduced KAS to them and circulated an information sheet  based on the  KAS website.   I already have been given 9 knitted squares with many more on the go.  I will be sending these to KAS in the name of Earlston Wednesday Club - so do watch this space for more news from Earlston.  

I have also attached a photograph of the lovely countryside around Earlston.

The triple Eildon Hills - a famous Scottish Borders view close to my home.

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Susan, how nice to involve your social group !   The first batch of squares are lovely...as are the Eildon Hills :-)

Looking forward to more photos from your group in Earlston.

Beautiful squares . So happy that there are some enthusiastic knitters for KAS in your group ! That is a lovely view of the hills.

I am delighted to say that Earlston Wednesday Club knitters have been very busy since joining KAS a month ago - and have already reached the total of 35 squares to make  one blanket.  Here are their latest contributions - and I know there are more to come. 

Earlston Wed. Club 10-15         Earlston Wed. Club 16-19        Earlston Wed. Club 20-26

Earlston Wed. Club 27-31        Earlston Wed. Club 32-35

These are so colorful and neat.  What a great group of ladies.  Can't wait to see more.  Thank you for sharing Susan.

These squares will make a lovely warm blanket with lots of bright colours for a child to enjoy.  Thanks Susan for spreading the word.

Susan I got quite excited reading about Earlston then realised our cousin Gerard Dott lives in Eddleston! I was thinking you might be neighbours. Wondeful squares.

Susan, what wonderful news!  And your area looks like an incredibly beautiful spot.  Thank you for sharing this with us.  You must be so pleased and proud of your Wednesday Club.  Good for you for making more people aware of KAS SA!   xo

Love those go overs  and the squares. Very pretty knitting !

Love the squares.......and the countryside is beautiful, Susan.  :))

A further wonderful set of squares from the Earlston Wednesday Club - all knitted by one member!




She is such a neat knitter ! Stripes are always lovely in a blanket.



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