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From Mama Ntombi :

Photos taken at from 6.30 to 8.00a.m. today. Children arrive for breakfast before heading off to school. One Granny is looking after 18 grandchildren. She is so pleased that MNCP is taking care of their breakfast. Another Granny said she used to give her children R2 buy something at school. You can well imagine the junk food they would be eating from the vendors outside the school gates but now thankfully they are able to have a nutritious breakfast which takes care of 75% of their daily nutritional requirements. Thank you JAM for this CSS+ porridge. We hope that we will be able to provide the kids with proper seating under shelter. If you are able to help financially, it would be hugely appreciated. PayPal gifts can be sent to Mama Ntombi's Community Projects.

We hope that someday soon we will be able to have a proper seating area for the kids under shelter.

Mama Ntombi distributed some 370 pairs of TOMS shoes on Sunday. Thank you JAM  for blessing our kids with shoes.

Final 2014 report from Mama Ntombi 2014!

MNCP managed to provide Christmas a much needed delicious meal, a toy and goodie bag of sweets for 750 children and 100 adults.  There were also lots of fun activities to keep the children entertained and enthralled. Amongst these activities we had face painting, bubble fun, balloons and a Nativity play.


This is a fabulous update what a lovely Christmas celebration for the children. I looked at that little boy with the very torn pants opening his present and thought of the very straightened circumstances of his family. What a treat it must have been to get a present, and spend a day devoted to fun.

How very heartening it is to see these photos and see what is being done for the children and what warmth I feel in my heart towards the adult volunteers helping with their hearts and hands.  How very wonderful!



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KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.




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