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Welcome Everyone, to the February 2016 theme......


Let us revisit or discover anew, the many delights of this beautiful continent and recreate our favourite images within colourful squares, for 'our' children.
The gorgeous fabrics..........  

The many and varied flags of the different countries that make up this amazing continent..............
    August 2015 Mozambique flag   AUGUST 2015 FLAG THEME Ghana (l) Burkina Faso (r)
The magnificent wildlife....................
The glorious landscape........................
You may also like to make a square or two in respectful memory of Madiba (Mr. Nelson Mandela)
July 2014 Remembering Madiba 2  Mandela Day square  July 2015 - Christmas - Glorious Greens and Reds - Mandela Day
Please, won't you join us........... and colour their world!

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February 2016 Theme - Celebrate Africa

My first sixteen squares for this month, inspired by African fabric. Colours not true, but what else is new!! Making a blanket's worth, hopefully......still have a ways to go.

Let the CELEBRATION begin!!! 

Thanks Bev!!

Wow Bev...stunning squares and soooooo African.

Bev, this is stunning.  I can imagine the blanket ... my eyes are popping just thinking about it :) xo

Lovely bright intro Bev, and fantistic eye popping African squares!

Beautiful, striking stripes.
A stunning centre piece Bev!!

Gorgeous squares Bev. They'll make a superb blanket.

I prepared early for Celebrating Africa,so now I will take a rest.

Celebrating African Animals.....

Christine, what an AMAZING blanket. I knew it!! 

Enjoy a well deserved rest, Christine! Thanks a million!!

This is gorgeous, Christine!

My mother always loved to knit, crochet, tat, etc, etc, etc  She would get going on a project and then get sleepy.  Then she would say, If I could just knit and sleep at the same time, I could finish this by morning!  Well, Christine, It seems you've learned how to do it!  Share your secret????  LOL xo

Oh my goodness, Chris.......have you slept at all since Christmas????? You are amazing!!......as is this gorgeous blanket. I love all the blankets and picture squares that you have been creating.  xo



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