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Hi Everyone

I would love some feedback on my questions (some of them might be very silly, sorry in advance):

I have what people refer to as anxious hands, so I always need to keep them busy, and knitting is the one thing that has absolutely saved my life with regard to that. All of my squares are PJ's though, is that alright?

Prior to discovering this page (thank you Google), I knitted blocks that are 13x13cm (about 36 of them). Would it be fine if I sent these as well? I have now adjusted the size of my squares to 20x20cm. :)

Do I need to have a certain amount of squares before I send them?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Magdelie and welcome to the KAS family! Your questions are not silly at all, we are happy to help.

  • Every cloud has a silver lining, your problem of restless hands and your knitting, means that some of the vulnerable children in SA will be warmer next winter. I only make PJ's too, these are the backbone of KAS and they keep the children just as warm and can look just as beautiful as fancy squares. 
  • Thank you for moving to the 20cm squares, it makes a huge difference to the busy SA volunteers when the squares are the correct size. If you are able to 'upsize' your smaller squares by crocheting a border, that would be great; if not, bundle them together and send them, I know they will be used along with other odd sizes to make the right size blanket, as nothing is ever wasted.

You can send as many squares as you wish, there isn't a set amount. KAS members normally find the most economical way of sending them, which is different for each country. Many of us find that sending a 2kg parcel is best, but I don't know what the SA postal costs are, I'm sure you can find out at your local post office.

I hope this has been helpful, please also look at ther helpful information available on our website in Helpful Hints e.g.

  • Why we leave a tail on our squares, neatly 'butterflied'.
  • Where to find the slip to enclose with your squares; this also has the correct address to send your parcel to and also important  advice re: labelling.

I hope this has been helpful and that you enjoy knitting for the children. Many of us find knitting and crocheting quite addictive, great fun and very rewarding! If you are able, please share the photos of your work with us, happy knitting!

Thank you so very much for your response!! I am very excited that my knitting will be keeping someone very warm!




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