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Hi K-A-S Friends.

Many of us have enjoyed a good chuckle or interesting moment in the Share a Yarn and Furry Friends discussions, haven't we?
Being the continually evolving community that we are; as of this moment, these two discussions shall become one.
Welcome to FUNNY and FANTASTIC!
Please feel free to share a pic, a funny story or maybe a link to a video about...... anything.
 We'd love to know what puts a 'smile on your dial' and a 'song in your heart'.

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ROFL...so funny, so true, Jeanne.

I am going to send this to my sister, Ros and my friend, Kym, both who will completely understand.  :))

So funny. A good laugh to start my day.

Thank you for the laugh Jeanne :))

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Yep, that's me!!!!!!

I love it. I just burned another pan. Forgot to add water during the cooking time.

I regularly burn water...ie. forget its on and the pot burns dry. Sigh....so glad I'm not the only one with fluffy brain syndrome!

Yep, that's me too Valerie! My son Andrew says that in our house, the smoke alarm going off, is the dinner gong!

This week I saw packs of very pretty note cards, I bought a pack, and when I got home and put them away.....  yes, you have guesed it, I must have liked them last month too!

Oh, Chris, I'm so pleased I'm not the only one. I often put things away so carefully, saying to myself that I'll be sure to be able to find them when needed. Obviously, I don't remember where I put them and have to go through all the cupboards and drawers until I do manage to locate them. Then I wonder  why on earth I put them there.

Oh dear, me too.  When my grandson's were young, they always noticed when I 'forgot' something - something I had said, something I had done, something I had promised to do or make ... so much so that they nicknamed me.  That nickname sticks to this day.  They affectionately call me the Queen of Forgetful ... :))) xo

This why many of us love dogs....Image may contain: text



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