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Hi K-A-S Friends.

Many of us have enjoyed a good chuckle or interesting moment in the Share a Yarn and Furry Friends discussions, haven't we?
Being the continually evolving community that we are; as of this moment, these two discussions shall become one.
Welcome to FUNNY and FANTASTIC!
Please feel free to share a pic, a funny story or maybe a link to a video about...... anything.
 We'd love to know what puts a 'smile on your dial' and a 'song in your heart'.

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Not having a telephone!

We had a telephone connected evenings and Sundays as we had an extension line from the garage over the road where my Dad worked, however there was no danger of it being misused because none of my friends were on the phone so I had no-one to ring.

Wearing a hat in church.

For us it was a hat and gloves.

No fridge or freezer. If we wanted ice cream with our Sunday pudding I would be sent to the local shop round the corner for a small block which would have to be wrapped in several layers of newspaper to keep it cold. The timing had to be just right so that it was the perfect consistency to eat once we'd finished our main course!

It was the same for us too Patricia, we would then eagerly watch the slices being cut :))

I feel sure that in those days Neapolitan would have a layer of green ice cream. Do you remember this or is my memory playing tricks?

I can't remember green, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate yes.... but we usually had vanilla as it went with everything..... and it is still my favourite :))

I remember Neopolitan as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate too.  We also had one that was vanilla,and chocolate with the middle stripe orange 'water ice'. After first course, I would hop on my bike and race to the drug store and be back with a brick of ice cream just as my mother had cleared the table.

I chuckled a few years ago when TV commercials appeared featuring Chapman's new 'take' on ice cream - they were offering it in bricks again, and you would think it was a wonderful new item - imagine - being able to slice ice cream!

I think we very rarely bought ice cream when I was a small child. My Mum used to make our ice cream using Carnation evaporated milk.

When I was a bit older, I can remember having the Peter's brand ice cream, which had vanilla, orange and a lime green colour and that was called 'trio'.

Ours had brown, white and pink: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

A wind-up gramophone with 78 rpm shellac records that scratched (or broke) so easily, and a little tin of spare needles because they had to be changed after so many plays.



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