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Hi K-A-S Friends.

Many of us have enjoyed a good chuckle or interesting moment in the Share a Yarn and Furry Friends discussions, haven't we?
Being the continually evolving community that we are; as of this moment, these two discussions shall become one.
Welcome to FUNNY and FANTASTIC!
Please feel free to share a pic, a funny story or maybe a link to a video about...... anything.
 We'd love to know what puts a 'smile on your dial' and a 'song in your heart'.

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I wouldn't care if they played with a hamster....just don't touch my yarn!....lol.

Bahahahahahaha!  So true. We had a budgie bird that ruled the roost. He could fly all over the house and the cats and dog wouldn't dare touch him.  We got him when he was a senior citizen, 8 years old. He lasted another 4 1/2 years...what a hoot he was. 

I was over on the Lion Brand website today looking at a blog article called 10 Charities for Knitters and Crocheters and we're on there!  We maybe last on the list but there we are!!! :D  http://www.lionbrand.com/blog/10-charities-for-knitters-and-crochet... There's some great organizations there for USA based knitters if you want to peruse them or can't always afford to mail overseas.  I am just heartened by how much of a difference we knitters and crocheters are making, around the world. I am sure that list could be echoed in every other country, so many people reaching out to help so many.  Awwwww. 

I have a fondness for dragons in general but did you know that not all of them are like Smaug from Tolkein's The Hobbit?  Some of them definitely do not hoard gold. I'm sure I'd get along famously with this one. ;)

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