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Furry, feathered and fishy friends, 2015 version....your pets and funny photos and tails (tales)

Greetings everyone!  We're starting off 2015 with a new version of our pets discussion thread.  Anything can be put on here that you find amusing about animals in general or your pets in particular.  I am starting off with a photo of The Lickasaurus, Katie, our rescue puppy we found in the USA on a visit to a shelter there where my daughter worked at the time.  She still loves to bark at people walking on the other side of the street but doesn't clue in that anyone is at the back door until our cats start growling and go see who it is!  She's adorable but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

This is my lap cat/therapy cat/watchdog cat, Vincent, being attacked by a Christmas bow...that'll teach him to go among the presents!  So feel free to share what you wish and celebrate our furry, fishy and feathered friends. My aunt and uncle in Devon UK used to have a Mynah(?) bird, anyways it imitated the gurgling of the sink and the screech of car brakes as they stopped at the corner outside their house. :)

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I'll start off with a photo of a Gypsy Vanner stallion in a Silver Dapple color.  I think he's gorgeous, a right feast for the eyes.  There isn't a studly calendar of buff firemen in the world that could beat this fine fellow, in my estimation! ;)

Is this your house Jeanne?

YES!  That's exactly what my daughter's bed looks like, except 3 or 4 cats plus the dog.  She has a downy duvet on there and they love it.  Wow, 7 cats...I think most I've ever lived with is 5, and that was my parents' place out in the country with an acre of garden, fenced, for them to roam in,and they were all strays too.  Amazing what finds it's way up your drive when you live in the country. Meanwhile this is my take on winter. (that is one patient cat)

A new type of Retriever



LOL!  That's awesome and so definitely needed!  Okay here's one right back...I do have a cat this dumb but thankfully have no venetian blinds in our house.

 Cats do get themselves into that kind of a muddle !

Yep and then they look at us like we did it to them!

A very cosy photo but with our lovely summer heat it looks too much just now !

Not sure what they are trying to reach, but it must be tempting!

Teamwork !  Can it be real? I hope the reward is worth it !!

Thought that I'd add this in here...Zeus will do flips and jumps in the air to get the feather toy LOL

Have you checked his shoulders to see if he is growing wings?  I know him just well enough to know he's not an angel, but......



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