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We all love our pets and they love us right back. Even my daughter's Betta fish, if you don't come right up to the glass and tell him what a pretty boy he is, he won't eat his breakfast.  He dances and jigs and flares his gills, he loves getting attention too. So here we go, dashing into the new year....and the following is something I've always wanted to try...yep, I'd be a great counterweight hanging off the rear end....can't you just see me now?

So feel free to share anything amusing or touching or wacky about our animal friends, it'll brighten everyone's day I am sure.

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Anna Redmond is a very accomplished rider with her horse in the Arabian Division but here she shares how to stay warm in cold weather!

And then of course we have Rob-Bun.


And Indiana Jones....

Indiana Jones

These animals don't see to be bothered at all. Some pics I won't share because it seems unfair to the animal, they're not into it, etc.

A super start to 2016, Jeanne.  :))  I think my fave is Anna and her horse.....matching onesies, how CUTE!!!!!!!

Okay this is just way cute...a big black Shire as a dragon. :)

However THIS is tutu much, even for me!

Ohhhhh dear.....I mean sheep.

A whole new definition of a poodle skirt...that is one patient horse, he looks so resigned, lol.

And then you can go in the other direction:

Give me any encouragement around horses and this is what happens, heh heh heh. And don't even get me started on horses painted like tigers and giraffes....sigh.

What a cute photo. I admit that cat looks like he could do it too!

What a fab collection of pics, Jeanne!!! was really hooked on the tutu-wearing horse........then the dog/horse, but that tough kitty stole my heat!!!!

I'm sorry, it's a sunny day out, I just can't be serious right now.

What do you call a baby kangaroo that is lazy?

A pouch potato!

How to know when your cat is fully charged.   

Brilliant, whoever thought of this!

Now that's spooky........lololol

Yeah it is kinda.  If my cat is sitting in his cat condo across the living room and turns his head to look at me and the light catches his reflective eyes just right it can look really spooky. :)

Every friggin time I am in there.  Our ginger can open the bathroom door and does. In comes 4 cats and 1 dog. They might as well sell tickets!  If anyone comes in the backdoor I am right there and it's like "Hello world!" (face plant)



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