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This is incredible timing ! My little car conked out en route to a distribution in Soweto on Tuesday morning ... and today I opened the gate to this absolutely INCREDIBLE gift, for the full use of Knit-a-Square ... servicing and all the legal stuff catered for completely. I am SPEECHLESS with delight - I KNOW YOU ARE TOO, all our wonderful supporters.
OH MY GOODNESS ... calling ALL Knit-a-Square members, contributors, organisers, volunteers and recipients worldwide ... LOOK AT WHAT G4S have given us to use in our work to distribute warmth and hope and love to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa !!!! PINCH ME ...

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Its Christmas in May......and if I were closer I would pinch you and me both......its just so incredible!!!!

Yes, Christmas 2013 has come early Bev!

Ronda takes the G4S car home!

In my imagination I see a glimpse of all the colored blankets behind the windows..... A van filled to the roof with blankets, hats, sweaters, socks, mittens, scarfs :) :) :) :)...so beautiful! G4S, what a great company you are!

I hadn't realised how big it was until I saw this photo. Lots of space for blankets, hats, toys and love from all of the KAS sisters and brothers!

Definitely a dream come true, Pam.....I wouldn't believe this generosity if I wasn't seeing the proof right here.

Bev and Pam, I agree - I feel like it's Christmas morning!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the wonderful folks at G4S who have made this vehicle available.  Now all we have to do is knit and crochet like mad to make sure it is always full of blankets and warm things for our kids.

Big hugs, three cheers, and many blessings to G4S!!

Oh my goodness! What an incredible blessing!

What a generous gift !   Ronda must be over the moon !   I love how the truck is painted as well.  Great advertising for KAS.  

Tears & Hugs

speechless - what a wonderful gift ! Grateful thanks to G4S.

By seeing this picture I am touched and so happy for Ronda.



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