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Here are some of the most recent photographs taken by Mabel on some of her travels/distributions. No report as such, but the photographs speak for themselves!

Some pics are similar, but from different angles - also one can see the different facial expressions of some of the children as well as the background drawings on the walls.

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oh lots of lovely blankets here! I'm sure lots of people will recognise such distinctive blankets. And how lovely to see the hard working gogo's

Aww sweet.....LOVING all the smiling faces of the children.

Yes Maggie, there was a request for more handwarmers and toys, recently on the forum 'somewhere', as they had run out. Sorry, can't remember where I read it.

Hi Bev, Hi Maggie,  the request for more handwarmers is in the September Snippets: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/kas-snippets-september-...

Thanks Anneke........about 5 minutes after I replied to Maggie, I went into Snips for something and there it was.....lol.

Oh dear I had better get posting some toys I have the boxes I have just been lazy.. That is a lovely cosy daycare and made even cosier with the blankets, hats and hand warmers ! A lovely group of older ladies and great to see they are enthusiastic about knitting !  I see a couple of the ladies wrapped in towels, to keep warm no doubt.

Thank you for the link!

Fabulous post.   I loved seeing the faces of the young and old.

I did spy one of the squares I sent last year.  Happy Dance!!

Congrats Amy.  :))

Lovely to see the ladies having fun making up the blankets and then the kids snuggled up in the blankets (OK different ones, but you know what I mean)...........  Thank you for the lovely photos!

Beautiful photos. Gives me a boost on a less than cheerful day. Thank you.

Beautiful photos.  Thank you so much for posting them for us to see and to inspire us!

LOVE seeing all of these sweet faces and the GoGos working on their blankets! I especially loved the little one with the fluffy hat.....
I have several toys and hand warmers (and a little extra cash for postage), so I will make a huge effort to get them out this week!!

Hi to all my dear KAS family! I haven’t been on the forum much, but I think about you every day and pray everyone is well!
Sending love and hugs!!



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