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I have over 400 squares knitted by our Knit-a-Square Circle at Christ United Methodist Church in Deerfield, Illinois. I have bundled them in groups of ten. Is it okay to send them in a box, or should I divide them up into smaller groups?

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Hi Judith.

Here are a couple of links that ,may help you. If they don't, I'm sure one of our lovely US members/moderators will chime in with their own postal experiences.



A sincere thank you to your wonderful group for all their lovely warmth. 400+ squares??....that's amazing!!

Thank you Bev!

Hi, Judith!  I have been asked to chime in here with a few thoughts on mailing.  As for bundling, the volunteers who unpack the squares would love it if you bundle the squares in groups of 35, which will make a blanket.  I would recommend that your group go to ebay or an office store and purchase a bundle of polyvinyl mailing bags.  Our church group uses a size of around 19"x24".  The weight will be less than a heavy box.  We find we can get about 85 squares in a bag this size.  A bag will cost about $85.00 or $1.00 per square to mail as all mail overseas from the U.S. must now go air mail.  The U.S. no longer has the much cheaper sea mail.  Many Knit-a-Square members from other countries can take advantage of this lower cost because even though it takes sometimes 6 weeks to reach South Africa, that is of no concern since squares are rolling in all the time and the sea mail eventually arrives.  Can your church Missions group help you with the postage from its budget?  Ours was very helpful this way.  Also, your KAS members need to chip in to help with postage while they are contributing to the charity.  Perhaps you can find a business that would be willing to sponsor you with postage for a month.  It would take some leg work by your members, but if you approach a number of businesses perhaps they will each take a month in the year to pay for postage.  You might brainstorm with your members to think of other ways to raise postage funds.  All the best, Helen Flagg/Clear Lake United Methodist Church/Houston, Texas

Dear Helen...Thank you ever so much for your advice! I have to tell you that seeing the posting of squares from Clear Lake UMC was the motivation for me to start a knitting group at Christ UMC! Judy Pemberton

Dear Judith,  So delighted to know our Methodist group motivated your Methodist group!  Wonderful how God works, isn't it???    Helen

Hello Helen. I'm jumping in here to ask for your help. My friend wants to use money orders to make donations and I would like to help him do that. Would you be willing to accept them? 

Deborah, I am not in South Africa so you would have to be in touch with someone who knows who is associated with Knitasquare in South Africa.  To my knowledge all they can accept at this point is money sent through Paypal.  If you will pose your question as a subject on the Forum rather than as a reply, I am sure a Knitasquare person will see it and answer you.

Deborah, as Helen has mentioned, the only safe way to send donations is by PayPal.  Do you have a personal PayPal account?  Perhaps your friend could give you the money and you could send it via your PayPal account to KAS.



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